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Being Open to Uncertainty

We live in a very uncertain time, and as mamas, it’s nerve-wracking. Society and everything that’s going on feels so uncertain. What does that mean for our kids? What does that mean for our future? It’s a lot. And that uncertainty can be terrifying. It can even be paralyzing and stop you from doing much of anything. It can become all-consuming. The uncomfortableness that you feel from uncertainty can lead you not to take action when you really should. One of my favorite quotes around uncertainty is by french author Antoine Saint Exupéry, “As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it.” I love that because you know what? We can’t foresee the future, none of us can.

We are not fortune tellers. However, what we can do is live our best days right now, do our best right now, and enable the future to be our most fantastic future. Here are a few tips on how to become comfortable with uncertainty, because once you’re comfortable with uncertainty, you can start to take the actions that you need to live the life that you want, live the life that you love.

Try New Things

Try small, challenging new things as often as possible. When you try new things by definition, you’ve never done it before; therefore, the outcome is not something you can predict. As you work through those, you’ll start to build up your confidence and begin to feel more comfortable with not being able to predict an outcome.

When Things Don’t Go Your Way, Practice Learning from the Unplanned Outcome

Make a practice of learning from when things don’t go your way. If something doesn’t go your way, take a moment to think about what you learned from the outcome. When you can start to reframe up all of the misses, disappointments, and times that things don’t go your way as an opportunity to learn, you will become more comfortable with uncertainty. You will know that no matter what happens, there’s always an opportunity for growth. 

Once You are Ready to Embrace Uncertainty, Ask Yourself a Few Questions

Once you’re ready to embrace uncertainty, ask yourself these questions: what would I do if I couldn’t fail? Once you know the answer to that question, ask yourself, what actions would I take? What conversations would I have? Whatever it is that you would do if you couldn’t fail, do that.

Take Action

Remember, there are things you can’t control, and that is fine. It’s not your job to control of them. It’s not your job to foresee the future. However, it is your job to enable your future by taking action doing your best today. Live your best life today. Put in as much effort as you can today. Hug your babies today. Show up at work and give your most because, then, you’ll be enabling your future to be your greatest future. 

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