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How to Find Your Focus Using These 3 Tips

Hey, mama. Have you ever faced a mountain of tasks that just must be conquered today, but found yourself desperately wanting to do anything but tackle them?

It feels like no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to make any progress. Maybe you find yourself doodling in your notebook instead of jotting down those important points for your upcoming presentation.

We all have those overwhelming days. Trust me, you’re not alone.

As someone who has faced the struggle of getting back on track more times than I’d like to admit, I’ve discovered 3 tried-and-true methods to reignite that spark of focus and productivity. If you’re ready to conquer those daunting tasks, keep reading.

Embrace the Power of Movement

One way to re-focus is to stop what you are doing (or let’s be honest not doing) and move. This could simply be a walk around the block or up and down the office steps, or even 10 minutes of yoga or stretching.You can also try office-friendly exercises such as chair yoga, if you’re at work. It’s a simple, accessible way to get your blood flowing and your mind off the screen. 

This short burst of exercise isn’t just meant to get your heart rate up, it’s designed to distract your brain and give it some time to regroup. You’ll be surprised at how a short break can revitalize your energy levels.

The Art of Doing Nothing

Sometimes, doing absolutely nothing is exactly what you need. Take 3 to 5 minutes to meditate or just stare at a wall and breathe. Close your laptop, find a quiet spot, breathe deeply, and try to clear your mind.

Set a timer, visualize a serene place, and clear your mind, thought by thought. This small timeout will act as a quick reset button and prepare your brain to better focus, making it easier to tackle the tasks at hand with fresh eyes.

Breathe in the beauty of your dreams, exhale the clutter of the mind, and find peace in the present moment

A Venting Session

Lastly, for those stubbornly frustrating days where focus feels like an alien concept, call someone and let it all out. Even as a self-proclaimed introvert, I’ve found tremendous value in simply venting to a friend or family member. Getting those frustrations off your chest can be incredibly freeing.

You can text a friend with a heads-up like, “Hey, can I vent for a couple of minutes?” More often than not, they’ll be more than happy to lend an ear. Once you’ve let it all out, take a deep breath, maybe do a quick walk or meditation, and get back to it. You’ll likely find that you’re more prepared to face the task than you were before.

Kickstart Your Productivity

We all have those days where focus and motivation seem like distant concepts. However, by incorporating these 3 simple strategies, you’ll find it much easier to get back on track. Whether it’s getting your body moving, taking a brief moment to meditate, or reaching out to a friend, each offers a unique way to reset your mindset and tackle your tasks with renewed energy.

Don’t let those heavy-task days bog you down, mama. Try these 3 tips, and you’ll find the strength you need to complete your tasks and get on with your life.

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