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How To Reconnect With Yourself

How To Reconnect With Yourself | Rose Gold Mama

As a working mom it can be very easy to lose yourself and then feel like you need to reconnect with yourself. You are so focused on keeping a multitude of balls in the air for so many other people that, this happens. Each day you are worried about ensuring your kids have everything that they need and are thriving in life. It take time and lots of energy to maintain your relationship. You need to keep the house together. You want to be sure your friends are happy and having fun when they hang out with you. And, you have a job.

It’s very easy to lose sight of the things that you enjoy, to wake one day and think “I’ve lost myself”.  If you feel like you’ve lost yourself, that’s a scary place. Thankfully it’s not a place you need to linger in.  If you take just a little time each day you can quickly find yourself and be on your way to even better days.

Daily Practice is Where It’s At

Here’s the thing, its best if you work on this daily.  That’s right every day you should take some time to connect with yourself in some way. Thankfully this doesn’t always, have to happen in isolation from other activities. Even better, it doesn’t need to take a lot of time to reconnect with yourself. As you read on take a look at some of these recommendations and think about how you can apply them in your daily life so you never feel like you’ve lost yourself again.

Get Physical To Reconnect with Yourself

Your mind and your body are connected. Getting in touch with your body will help you to get in touch with your soul. There are a lot of different ways to get physical that will help you to reconnect with yourself. Often times, solo activity is better for reconnecting with yourself, than group activity. Having said that, if you feel like you’ve lost yourself,   at the end of the day, doing one of these activities is better than doing none .  

Yoga, dance walking, running and biking are great activities to try if you wake one day thinking “I’ve lost myself”


If you can get out to a yoga studio, awesome. If not, there are tons and tons of free videos on YouTube about yoga. If you are able to dedicate 60 to 90 minutes for yoga at least once a week you are going to see a lot of powerful physical and mental benefits.  Having said that, all you really need to do is start with a 10 minute session. There is no need to go for 90 minutes.

Try to find 10 minutes first thing in the morning or before you go to bed (yes, there is yoga to help you wind down). This will help you to start to reconnect with yourself.


 Dance is powerful. Maybe you remember how you felt dancing at a club when you were younger, in your room or at a girlfriends.  Dance is wonderful and you can dance alone. You might feel a little silly at first but trust, if no one’s watching then you can really go all out you will feel great. Even just learning to not be embarrassed in front of yourself doing something that feels good will help. Just dance. Put on some tunes, while you’re alone go ahead and shake your booty. Working up a sweat in this way will help you reconnect with yourself. If you can’t find time alone to do this, have the kids join in.  A daily dance party might be a very fun family tradition. 


Getting physical doesn’t mean an all-out sweat session. It’s simply about taking time to purposefully move your body. Walking is an amazing and free way to do this. If you are walking with the purpose of reconnecting with yourself, try to listen to nature sounds or music without lyrics so that you have some time to hear your own thoughts.


If you enjoyed running in the past, take it up again. If you are currently running try to use this time to really be with yourself. Don’t actively distract yourself from your thoughts or push your feeling away. Let your mind wander and honor the thoughts that come up.


Dust of your old bike and take a ride. There is no need to get all Tour de France with it, just do a quick spin around the neighborhood.

 Be Still To Reconnect With Yourself 

A huge part of reconnecting with yourself is just taking a moment to be.  If you find yourself saying “I’ve lost myself” it may be that you have not taken time, in a very long time to just be with yourself. It doesn’t mean that you have to meditate or practice some type of chanting all it means is that you need to take a moment to sit and be with yourself. Put your phone away. Turn off the TV. Turn off the laptop. Hide your tablet. Sit down and just be. Sit and go through a breathing exercise or sit and visualize the future, a very positive future.

Find 10 minutes to do this. Sitting for 10 minutes can feel like a long time. Understood, that sitting for 10 minutes feels like wasting 10 minutes you could be doing laundry or sending emails or cleaning the bathroom or folding clothes but isn’t that how you got lost in the first place? Giving every minute to something else. Not taking any time for yourself. You need to do this for you, before you do all those other things.  

Tips for How To “Just Be”

When you take the time to sit and be still you will naturally begin to reconnect with yourself. Make it a daily practice to find some time to just sit. Your time alone could be on your commute. If you take public transportation and can grab a seat, then just take that time to unplug. You can put some Nature Sounds on your headphones and just be with your thoughts.

Try not to look around too much and if it’s possible close your eyes. Just be with your thoughts. If you drive then when you get to your destinations see if you can turn off the radio and sit in your car for 5 to 10 minutes before going in to where you need to be. Two other great times to do this is are the early morning before the kids are up or the evening before the kids have gone to bed.  

Have A Chat, With Yourself

When is the last time you actually asked yourself questions about where you are in life and how you’re feeling? Take time each day to ask yourself powerful questions. Questions, where the answers force you to dig deep. The most important part about asking these questions is how you answer them. Answer them honestly. Honor your feelings. There is no wrong answer unless that answer is a lie. Don’t lie to yourself. Honor what it is that you truly feel the response from your heart and soul is.

 Here are a few questions to start with:

Who do I love?

Today, what am I grateful for ?

In this moment, what am I excited about ?

What am I most proud of this year?

In my life, what am I most proud of?

What am I happiest about now?

In this moment, what do I enjoy doing most ?

If you are having trouble answering any of these in the present, you can also ask yourself the same questions with a thought about before you had kids.

Before you had kids, what were you happiest about?

What are you most proud of before having kids?

Prior to have kids, what did you enjoy most ?

Answer these questions each and every day and then use those answers to help guide your actions and where you spend your time.

Never Say “I’ve Lost Myself” Again

Reconnecting with yourself is very powerful. You are an amazing person, you are an individual and your individual light is a gift to the world. Keep your light bright by keeping connected to your soul. Take time each day to do this and it will make everything in life better. And you’ll never wake up again thinking, “I’ve lost myself”.

Another way to ensure you stay connected with yourself is to set a strong morning routine. Learn how to do that in this article.

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