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HowTo Use Delegation To Propel Professional Growth

Hey, mama. Have you ever had a hard time with delegation? 

Delegation can feel like an uphill battle. Sometimes you delegate tasks only to find the results weren’t what you’d hoped for. I’ve been there.

The good news, however, is that delegation is a skill, and like all skills, it can be learned and polished over time. As you get better at delegating, you become more effective and impactful – at work and at home.

Embracing Your Inner Decision-Maker

Delegation is crucial for honing your focus on the areas where you are the most valuable. It’s also an effective approach to providing your team with opportunities to learn, grow, and feel empowered. During my career, I’ve found that grasping the ropes of delegation was important in my growth.

My leap from being an Analyst to a Manager was faced with a lot of challenges, and mastering delegation felt like moving mountains. But once I did, I rapidly moved up the corporate ladder – Manager to Director, Director to VP, VP to SVP, and ultimately Chief Customer Officer. Delegation proved a pivotal tool in my journey to being an influential leader.

The Golden Principle of Successful Delegation

Now, let me share the ultimate tip I’ve learned to avoid unpleasant surprises in delegation: Clearly define the expected outcome.

Here’s the rule of thumb: If you can’t gauge what success should look like, never delegate the task. Without a clear parameter for success, the person you delegate to might imagine a different outcome from yours. Before you delegate, dedicate a moment to clearly define and communicate what a successful outcome should look like.

If possible, quantify success. If you can paint a strikingly detailed picture for the person on the receiving end, even better. The more detailed your description, the clearer the direction for your team.

Avoid Misinterpretations

A lack of clarity in delegation can lead to team members going off course. They might be giving their best effort, but if their understanding of success doesn’t align with yours, the end result may be disappointing.

This principle doesn’t just apply to your professional life, but your home life too. When you can articulate a successful outcome to both your team at work and your team at home, everyone is more likely to meet or even exceed your expectations.

Delegating is a skill we can all enhance; mastery leads to greater impact.

Elevate Your Delegation Game

When you clearly define success, you help your team understand what you want. This makes it more likely that you’ll be happy with the results and helps your team do their best. It’s a win-win on both ends.

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