Keynote Speaking by Whitnee Hawthorne

Inspire your audience to achieve better work-life harmony, increase employee engagement, and empower caregivers in the workplace.

Meet Whitnee

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Professional speaker… author… certified coach… Fortune 500 executive… productivity expert… successful entrepreneur… self-care advocate… passionate mom and wife… Whitnee Hawthorne is a woman with many hats.

When you meet her, it is clear that Whitnee is a leader at home, in the office, and in her community. She has inspired women’s groups, start-ups, and Fortune 500 companies with her presentations on powerful topics including: achieving work-life harmony, improving productivity, increasing employee loyalty and engagement, and helping caregivers thrive in the workplace.

Whitnee leads by example and loves to inspire aligned action in others. She teaches her audiences steps they can take right now to increase their productivity, grow their confidence, and bring more joy to their lives.

With broad experience working with women from all over corporate America, Whitnee’s presentations will resonate strongly with caregivers and leaders alike. Book her today to bring a relevant, fresh perspective to the age-old challenge of balancing work and home as well as actionable strategies on how to drive engagement, foster loyalty, and best support employees in a holistic way.

Whitnee only accepts 15 invites to speak a year. Extend your invitation here.

Your Guide To More Great Days

As a parallel to Whitnee’s popular self-paced online course More Great Days: How To Shine as a Busy Mom, this presentation focuses on the 5 tenets working moms need to develop for a fulfilling and joyful life.

Audience members will walk away ready to act in areas of:

  • Mindset to gain clarity and insight on how to better prioritize each facet of their lives
  • Time Management with goal setting, productivity, self-advocacy, and simple systems that provide real-life relief
  • Career Advancement so they can move forward in their careers without compromising other areas of their lives
  • Self-Care and how it plays an integral role in their sanity, success, and ability to show up
  • Influence and how to get the support they need from those around them

By the end of this presentation, audience members will be ready to fully engage in every area of their lives. Empower them to live more great days today!

How To Get Ahead Without Staying Late

This presentation was designed specifically for professional women in corporate America. Though it may feel like a successful career only comes with the sacrifice of a life outside of work, Whitnee offers specific, actionable steps to working moms wondering how to advance their careers without compromising their most important relationships.

Attendees will walk away ready (and excited) to act today by:

  • Skillfully self-promoting without sounding arrogant
  • Using gratitude to shift their perspective and that of everyone around them
  • Replacing “sorry” with “thank you,” to create major impact with a minor change
  • Creating allies and shining in the eyes of their boss and other senior stakeholders
  • Using down-time effectively to create rather than deplete energy

Each audience member will leave feeling empowered, motivated, and ecstatic to be back in the driver’s seat of her career.

How To Increase Profit and Improve Society

Created with corporate leaders in mind, Whitnee’s goal with this presentation is to teach attendees how to best support the working mothers and other caregivers in their workforce. The end result? Happier employees, higher profits, and a healthier society all around.

After attending, leaders will be ready to act with confidence as they:

  • Create a company culture that empowers and supports caregivers
  • Cultivate higher employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Design programs that address each of their employees as a whole
  • Develop workplace champions who show up ready to deliver results every day
  • Identify 5 drivers of workplace burnout and learn how to mitigate them

5 Reasons You Should Book Whitnee

Whitnee only accepts 15 invites to speak a year. Extend your invite here.

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