Keynote Speaking by Whitnee Hawthorne

Inspire your audience to achieve better work-life harmony, increase employee engagement, and empower caregivers in the workplace.

Meet Whitnee

Whitnee Hawthorne wears many hats: professional speaker, author, certified coach, Fortune 500 executive, productivity expert, successful entrepreneur, self-care advocate, and passionate mom and wife.

As a leader at home, in the office, and in her community, Whitnee has inspired women’s groups, start-ups, and Fortune 500 companies with her dynamic presentations. Her powerful topics include achieving work-life harmony, enhancing productivity, boosting employee loyalty and engagement, and empowering caregivers to thrive in the workplace.

Whitnee doesn’t just talk the talk; she walks the walk and encourages others to take aligned action. Her presentations provide practical steps that audiences can implement immediately to increase productivity, boost confidence, and infuse more joy into their lives.

With extensive experience working with women across corporate America, Whitnee’s insights resonate deeply with caregivers and leaders alike. Book her today to infuse fresh perspectives into the timeless challenge of balancing work and home. She also offers actionable strategies to drive engagement, foster loyalty, and provide holistic support to employees. Whitnee Hawthorne is your go-to speaker for impactful and transformative presentations.

Whitnee only accepts 15 invites to speak a year. Extend your invitation here.

Whitnee Hawthorne

Elevate Your Impact: The Art of Strategic Delegation

Are you ready to take your leadership and life to the next level? Discover the transformative power of strategic delegation in this engaging and actionable keynote presentation, which can also be adapted into a dynamic workshop. Whitnee Hawthorne, a renowned expert in leadership and personal development, will guide you through the art of delegation and equip you with practical takeaways that you can immediately apply to become more effective both at home and at work.

In this enlightening talk, you will:

🚀 Learn the Art of Delegation: Discover that delegation is not just a task but an art. Understand precisely what to delegate and what to retain, empowering you to focus your energy where it matters most.

💡 Avoid Common Mistakes: Recognize the pitfalls and common mistakes that leaders, especially women, often make when it comes to delegation. Gain insights into how to sidestep these errors and lead with confidence.

✨ Master the 5-Step Process: Whitnee will unveil a proven 5-step process that ensures successful outcomes each time you delegate. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to a strategy that consistently delivers results.

By the end of this presentation or workshop, you will leave with actionable takeaways that can be immediately implemented to enhance your effectiveness in both your professional and personal life. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your impact and lead with purpose.

Ready to take the next step in your journey to greater effectiveness? Book Whitnee Hawthorne as your keynote speaker or workshop facilitator today, and embark on a transformative experience that will leave your audience inspired, empowered, and ready to achieve remarkable success. Contact us to secure your date and bring this impactful presentation or workshop to your event.

Your Confidence Unleashed

Step into your most confident self with “Your Confidence Unleashed: Succeed at Work and Life,” featuring Whitnee Hawthorne as the dynamic speaker and facilitator! 🌟 In this empowering presentation, you’ll discover how to shed imposter syndrome and embrace your authenticity.

Learn tactical steps that enable you to show up as your best self, whether in the boardroom, at networking events, or in your personal life. Gain the confidence to tackle challenges head-on and make a lasting impression wherever you go. 💪

This talk is especially beneficial for women, introverts and anyone who has ever struggled to feel like they belong at the table. As your confidence soars, you’ll find that more doors open for you, both in your career and your personal endeavors. This transformative event provides actionable strategies to help you thrive.

“Your Confidence Unleashed” can be customized to suit your needs and is available as both a captivating keynote presentation and an interactive workshop. Don’t miss the opportunity to book Whitnee Hawthorne as your speaker and facilitator for this empowering experience! 🚀

5 Reasons You Should Book Whitnee

Whitnee only accepts 15 invites to speak a year. Extend your invite here.

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