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The Ultimate Stress Plan for the Working Mom

Hey, mama. Ever had one of those days where you’re barely holding it together? Yeah, me too. We’re juggling the demands of raising children, excelling at work, and keeping our homes in order, not to mention staying informed with the ever-dynamic news cycle. 

We’re multitasking marvels, but with that comes an uninvited guest: stress. The question isn’t if we’ll feel stressed, but rather: when and how do we handle it?

What struck me recently is that although stress is an expected companion, many of us don’t prepare for it. It’s as if we’re setting ourselves up for a harder struggle by not having a strategy in place. 

That’s why I created a stress-response plan, and I’m excited to share it with you, because let’s face it, we could all use that extra bit of armor in our daily battles.

Failing to plan is planning to fail

Acknowledge the Stress Signal

Our bodies have a way of sending us signals when stress levels are rising. For me, it’s my shoulder hunching up—a physical manifestation of that mental weight. Maybe for you, it’s a tension headache or a tightness in your chest. Whatever it is, the first step is to recognize it. That’s your body saying, “Hey, we need to deal with this.”

My Stress Plan

Once I’ve acknowledged I’m under stress, I put my plan into action. This plan is something you can perform right after a tense meeting or just before you transition from work to home life.

1. Move

The first thing I do is move. Whether it’s pacing for 10 minutes, stretching out stiff muscles, or having a quick dance break, I make sure to spend at least 10 minutes in motion. Movement unwinds the coiled spring of stress and refreshes the mind.

2. Breathe

Next, I breathe—deeply and intentionally. Think of it as a mini meditation session or just deep breathing if you prefer. Here’s a tip: Combine breathing with movement. Inhale deeply and tense the muscles on one side of your body, then exhale and release the tension. Do this alternately on each side, then with your entire body, for about 5 to 7 minutes. This combined method can work wonders.

3. Gratitude Rant

Lastly, I end my plan with what I like to call a gratitude rant. It’s flipping the script on venting—using the same intense energy to gush over the positives in your life. “My kids are thriving, I love my cozy home, and hey, I nailed that workout today!” It’s about reinforcing the good, which shifts your mindset and sprinkles a bit of joy over the stress.

Craft Your Stress Plan

Now it’s your turn. What strategies soothe your stress? Write them down and keep them close, like on a post-it on your computer monitor. The next time stress dares to rear its head, you’ll be ready to whip out your plan and kick stress to the curb. Remember, we may not be able to control all the stress in our lives, but we can control how we respond to it.

Here’s to planning for peace and finding joy in the hustle!If you like more conversations about thriving and living fully as a working mom, check out my podcast, The Savvy Working Mom, on Spotify or anywhere you listen to your podcasts. We also talk a lot about prioritization, time management, how to be more fulfilled, and how to find peace in this overwhelming world we live in.

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