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3 Work Life Balance Tips

3  Work Life Balance Tips | Rose Gold Mama

Work life balance is evasive and elusive. In more simple terms, work life balance, especially for working moms, is hard to find.  Here are three work life balance tips to help you find better work life balance.

Schedule Me Time 

In order to avoid burnout and not succumb to the pressure of the heavy mental load that you carry,  you need to make sure that you take time to decompress. Scheduling me time is a key part to finding work life balance for working moms. 

Be sure to schedule me time throughout the day, both at home and at work. During your day at the office you make time to take a walk, get some fresh air, eat some lunch, have a chat with a coworker or whatever else might revive you. Plan to at your desk and drink water.  When you’re not at work, make sure that you’re scheduling time to care for yourself too. If you’re looking for some ideas on self care for busy moms you can check out this article. Click here for more ideas on self-care at work.

Be Present (The most Impactful Work Life Balance Tip)

If you’re feeling exhausted or concerned about balancing work and life, know that the most important thing you can do is to be present. When you’re at work, work. When you’re with your family, be with your family. If you try to be everywhere all at once you’ll end up being nowhere ever. 

When you’re at work focus on work. Hunker down and get the job done.  Get as much done as possible so that when you leave work you don’t have to worry about catching up on  emails or phone calls. Sometimes that’s not possible and if that’s the case make sure that you plan time at home to work on those things. So that, you can also plan time at home to be with your kids and your family.

When you’re with your family be present. Fully engage with them so that you continue to develop the deep bond that you all crave. Put your phone away. Turn the laptop off. Don’t let your mind wander to work.

Hang out and enjoy the time with your family.  Whether you’re cooking together, eating together, playing a game together or just sitting and staring at each other, enjoy that time by being present and in the moment. 

 If you have work that you need to complete, make time to do it after you have family time. Then while you are with your family on them. WOrry about the work, during the planned time. If you can’t seem to get a work idea out of your head when you’re trying to be present with your kids write it down somewhere. Writing it down will help it to leave your mind for the moment. Then get back to the task at hand which is being with your family.

Do The Most Important Thing First 

When it comes to work life balance for working moms, doing the most important things first is essential. That most important thing could be work related or personal. Either way, make sure that you get the most important thing for the day out-of-the-way. If it’s to  schedule the kids doctors appointments, then do that as soon as you can. Maybe you have a big task at work that you need to accomplish, then do that as soon as you can. 

If for some reason you’re unable to do the most important thing first in the day, then, the first thing that you should do that day is to block off the time for when you will do that task. Make sure that it happens before 5 o’clock

Work Life Balance Is An Ongoing Pursuit 

Work life balance is an ongoing pursuit. Some days will be great and some day will feel very imbalanced. That’s OK. The trick is to be sure that as the scale tips to heavily  in one direction or the other you can recognize the imbalance and take the time to course correct. The above tips should help you to do just that. 

If you need some help creating a to-do list to help you maintain your work life balance check out this article or download the to-do list below.

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