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5 Easy Ways To Get Ahead At Work

5 Easy Ways To Get Ahead At Work | Rose Gold Mama

It can feel like in order to get ahead at work you need to spend long hours and be a part of the boy’s club. While both of those things can help they aren’t the key to winning at work. There are a few easy things that you can do which will not extend your day to help you get ahead. Following are five easy ways for you to get ahead at work.

Write It Down 

Write down all of your to do’s. It’s very easy to forget about something you promised and then find yourself trying to play catch-up later. Rather than fall into that cycle, write down every to do that you have. Carry a pack of post-it’s with you and write each promise that you make onto one.  Keep that post-it with you until you complete the task and then throw it away. This will help you to be more consistent in your delivery and ensure that you keep all the promises you made to others. Being someone who is reliable and consistent can only help to advance your career.

Ditch the social media. It’s easy during downtime or when your brain needs a break to fall into the trap of Facebook, Instagram, insert your favorite gossip site. Let this go. Social media at work is a waste of time. If you ask me most of the time that we spend on social media is a waste. However, when you’re at work it is specially non-productive. Rather than spending your time scrolling through ad-filled Facebook, take some time to research your industry. Read the news, get up-to-date on what is going on in your industry or with the key players in your space. If you really need to scroll, use LinkedIn to get your fix. There you’ll find professional articles that will help you with not only industry specific news but also self development.

Update LinkedIn

Rather than updating your Facebook profile, take time to update your LinkedIn profile. Make sure that your latest and greatest accomplishments are showcased. Review your profile for any grammatical errors. Take the time to compare your profile to others in your industry so that you can use the right buzzwords and terms to look as polished and professional as possible.

Drink More Water And Offer It To Others 

Stay hydrated. Your brain functions better when you’re hydrated. Drink water. You  may have already known that. The tip here is, also offer water to others. When you find yourself heading to the water cooler ask those around you if they would like some water too. This allows you to engage with people and start to build deeper relationships. It’s a small thing, but offering this service to others takes very little time out of your day and gets folks comfortable with asking you for things and speaking with you. This can help people to be more comfortable to start to ask you when they need support on a project or advice on how to handle a situation at work.The more you are sought after for advice the more your career will advance.

Check in on your bosses problems 

Just like you, your boss has problems at work. There are challenges that she is dealing with. Check in with her on what those are. It’s a great opportunity to show that you care about her and that you are thinking bigger than just your role. Check in and see where she could use some support. She may just want to vent to you but she may also have a challenge that you can help to solve. When you make your boss’ life easier you are ensuring not only that you are a vital player in the in your organization but also that you have the right kind of initiative to take your career to the next level.

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Take action 

Getting ahead at work doesn’t always have to mean long hours or fitting into the boys club. There are small things you can do each day to help advance your career.  Of the five listed above which one resonates with you? Take a moment to now visualize yourself acting on that tip. Make a plan for how you will turn that visualization into reality and get going on your career advancement.

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