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10 Ideas for 10 Minute Morning Workouts

10 Ideas for a 10 Minute Morning Workout

Hey mama you know you should exercise in the morning but it’s difficult.  Who has a time? What should you do? What’s going to be the most effective?  Here is the great news. You do. A 10 minute morning workout is all you need. And, the best part is, the workout doesn’t have to be intense, it can be, but that’s not required. To get the benefits from morning exercise, you just need to move your body.  And, while 10 minutes may seem like a lot the benefits of moving in the morning are worth it. Seriously, even it means you forgo 10 minutes of sleep by getting up 10 minutes early, you will be better off.

Another way to look at it is, a 10 minute morning workout has a load of benefits and is better than nothing so why wouldn’t you want to do this?

Morning Exercise Benefits

The benefits of morning exercise are enormous.

Consistency and reliability

Consistency is the key.  It’s not about doing a 90 minute yoga session or a 30 minute HIIT session every 3 to 4 weeks.  Instead, it’s about making consistent progress about each and every day. Even if it’s just 10 minutes. When you work out in the a.m. you’re much more likely to make it a habit.  This habit can then become an anchor for your day. When you make working out a habit the following benefits are much more likely to manifest in meaningful ways.  And, when you can rely on yourself to do something good for yourself, you feel better.

You start the day on a positive note

Working out in the morning sets your day up for success by putting s you in the right mind space to succeed.  Think about it. When you workout in the AM you will  have actually accomplished something major (all the benefits mentioned here)  before the kids get up and you leave for the office .  You will have already done something great for yourself before you start putting others first.  That’s a great place to be before you even walk out the door.

You have more energy

Even though you might think working out is going to make you tired, science proves it actually will help to boost your energy throughout the day. After a 10 minute morning workout, you’ll have an instant increase in energy which will help you to get through the morning into the office but more importantly you will have more energy as you work through the day.

You’ll be in a better mood and less irritable

A key morning exercise benefit is improved mood.  So, working out in the morning helps to release endorphins, serotonin and dopamine.  Those are feel good chemicals and so no matter how you’re feeling when you start working out, you’ll feel better throughout the day because of having done it.

You will sleep better

Exercise has been proven to promote better sleep.

Lower blood pressure

One of the very specific ways a 10 minute workout can help your health is to promote lower blood pressure. Exercising consistently has been shown to help prevent hypertension.

You’ll be less stressed

You have so much going on, it is so easy to be stressed, and so hard to relax.  Exercise helps to reduce the stress.  It not only helps to work through the physical aspects of stress but also the mental aspects of stress.   A 10 minutes morning workout will help to reduce your stress level.

All the benefits of self care

Working out as a form of self-care.   So, a 10 minute morning workout, means you’ll be practicing self-care. Taking care of both your body and your mind.  Taking these 10 minutes will mean you are more likely to be able to care for others in a meaningful and impactful way. It keeps you on the path to being your best self.

10 Minute Morning Workout Ideas

Here at 10 different things you can try.

  • Have a dance party. Yes, you can dance. Create a playlist of 3-4 songs that go from slow to fast. First, start out easy with the first song and then work up to a full out dance party for last one. This is an amazing way to start they day.
  •  Stretch.  Just set a timer for 10 minutes start to stretch your body.  If you’re not sure how to approach stretching just think top down. Put your hands over your head and stretch to the sky. Then try to touch your toes.  Move your hips around. Spread your toes. Arch your back.
  •  Do Yoga.  If you are more of a yoga person go ahead set an alarm for 10 minutes and go through the sun salutations.
  • Jump rope.  Seriously, it’s amazing workout.  Get a rope and jump rope for 10 minutes. Blast some tunes and skip or hop your way to a brighter morning.
  • Take a walk. If you have a place where you can just get outside, take a walk for 10 minutes. Breathe in that fresh morning air and feel your body move.
  • Hula hoop. I’m serious, it’s a thing people started doing it and there’s no reason why you can’t. You can even order a weighted hula hoop from Amazon it’ll put a little extra sweat into that movement and it’s a great way to have fun.
  • Go Old School. Do some jumping jacks, high knees, leg lifts, planks and pushups.  
  • Pick Up Weight.  Lift heavy weights go find the heaviest dumbbells that you have in your house and pick them up and put them down for 10 minutes. You can do curls, push them over head, hold them and squat or even just pick them up and set them down.
  • Chase your kids. If they are up with you, set up an obstacle course and every morning for 10 minutes do it with your kids. Or, play a game of tag.
  •  Bounce on a yoga ball.   Dust off that yoga ball that’s been sitting in the corner and go ahead and bounce on it do a few stretches but put on your favorite tunes and just bounce around for 10 minutes. It’ll get your lymphatic system going and you’ll feel a lot better

Now, Reap The Benefits of Morning Exercise

Now, there you have it mama. 10 ways to sweat in the morning.  Remember the most important thing, to get the benefits of exercise in the morning is just to move. Blast the tunes, set an alarm for 10 minutes and get moving.  You are gonna have a better day because of it.  If you can’t wake up early, try to get your kids involved or find time in your regular schedule. Something is better than nothing.

Now that you’ve gotten your sweat on, if you’re worried about looking like a worn out mom on your way out the door, check out this article on how NOT to do that.

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