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What You Need To Keep Burnout Away

It’s still kind of hot, but we’re dipping our toes into fall.

With the changing of seasons, work starts getting busy. You might be thinking about the end of the fiscal year when things really ramp up.

In school, there are also fall activities that we need to attend and participate in on weekends and after school.

When your schedule is packed and time is going so fast, it’s easy to feel burned out.

So I want to give you one thing I make sure I have to keep burnout away: Clarity.

We talked before about the main causes of burnout and one of them is unclear or overdemanding expectations. 

When you’re not clear on what others expect of you, you go and go and do and do, and you can feel like it’s never enough. Like no matter how busy you are, you don’t feel fulfilled or accomplished.

If you can get clear on what a successful outcome looks like, you can prioritize and strategize, and your progress and accomplishments are more apparent.

Relentlessly seek clarity so that you can understand what the outcome is that someone expects from you.

Get clear on the expectations of your boss, colleagues, your partner, your kids, and your friends.

Relentlessly ask what the specific tasks and responsibilities are:

✔️ how can you quantify those outcomes

✔️ what time do you need to show up

✔️ what things do you need to bring

Get clarity to avoid burnout.

You can also ask what is expected of you in any event: “Why am I here?” “What is it that you want from me in this meeting?” “Am I here just to listen?” “Am I here to participate?” “Is there something I need to prepare ahead of time?” 

That clarity is going to help you have a little bit more sanity, and it’s gonna save you time and energy because you won’t waste your time doing things that aren’t aligned with those final expectations. 

Are you going to relentlessly seek clarity on what people expect from you

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