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Creating a Morning Goal-Setting Practice

Do you have trouble sticking to your goals? There’s no shame in it; many people do. One reason so many mamas struggle to keep their goals is that life gets in the way. The great news is you don’t have to let all of the distractions stop you from achieving everything you want to achieve in life. A strong morning goal-setting practice can be the secret to your success. If you can budget 5-10 minutes each morning for your morning goal practice, you can start working towards achieving your goals today. Here are five tips for creating a morning goal setting practice.


Get a clear vision for what success looks like when you achieve your goal. Take a minute to picture what it is that you want to achieve. Once you can see it think about how it feels to achieve that goal.  

Chunk It Down

Now that you’ve visualized what it looks like to achieve your goal write down the date that you want to achieve your goal by. Once you know the end date, write down the big milestones you need to accomplish, either every month or every other week, and each morning review those milestones. Each morning determine whether you are on track to achieve your goal. 


Once you review your milestones, take the time to reflect on the previous day. Ask yourself the question, “What did I do yesterday to move closer to my goal?” Reflect on what you did the day before to move you closer to your goal. 


Now that you’ve completed your reflection, it’s time to prepare. What do you need to do today to move closer to your goal? Write down the most important thing you need to do this particular day to move towards your goal. Then write down two more things that you could also do if you have the time. 


Complete the most important action as soon as possible within your day, move on to the other two if you have the chance.

Take Action

Remember, it will take you only 5-10 minutes every morning to complete these steps, and it’ll make a significant impact in propelling you forward to achieve your goals. So, mama, start today by determining and writing down the goals you want to achieve. Get clear on what you want so that you know exactly what it takes to get there.

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