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How to STAY Connected to Your Dreams

Clarity is key to living a life you love. Being a mom often means struggling to stay connected to yourself and clear on what matters to you. And to be sure, don’t feel bad if you don’t feel so connected to yourself and if you’re not clear on what you want. It’s very easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind. The wake-up, take care of the kids, work, take care of the house, put the kids to bed, go to sleep, wake-up, take care of the kids, etc. You get lost in seeing the bigger picture of your life, that you lose connectedness with yourself. It’s a very normal occurrence.

The most important thing to do when you feel that way is to recognize it and then take action. Click here to listen to tips to help you take action and to get clear on what you want.

Once you are clear on what it is that you want, then there are three things that you can do – one monthly, one weekly, and one daily – to make sure that you stay clear. I’ve also got a bonus question for you at the end. This question is a bit of tough love, and some might call it a little bit morbid, but it will definitely wake you up and zap you out of being stuck.

Monthly Exercise

Every month, make time to gut-check your goals. Please take a moment, sit with the goals you have or the things you’re working towards, and see whether or not they still excite you, whether or not you feel like you want them. If it turns out that you don’t want it anymore, that’s okay. It’s alright to pivot. It’s alright to tweak the goal. It’s alright to just ball up that goal and throw it away and move on to something that you really want. So take a moment once a month to gut-check and make sure that the goals you’re working towards are still things that you actually want for yourself.

Weekly Exercise

Every week, take some time to check in with yourself. Set aside 10 minutes just once a week, write down what you want more of, and what you want less of in your life? If you can’t actually sit down to write it down, then take the time to think about it while you’re driving. Put a reminder in your phone so that you don’t forget to take some time to think about what you want more of and less of in your life and try and do it weekly.

Daily Exercise

Daily, as tasks come to you, as requests come to you for your time and energy, your very precious and limited time and energy, go ahead and ask yourself why you’re going to do the thing that you’re going to do. This is especially important for any requests that come your way that have some kind of a negative feeling around them, like when someone asks you to do something, you kind of just don’t want to do it or it frustrates you to do it, ask yourself why you’re doing it. And don’t just go with the surface why. Ask yourself why two or three times.

If a work project comes your way, ask yourself why, why me? Why do I have to be the one to do it? Then if the answer to that is because that person expects me to, ask yourself, do you really need to? Could somebody else do it? Or does it even actually really need to get done? Be sure to ask yourself why so that you’re not just accepting everything that’s coming your way. That will help free you up to focus on the things that come your way that are more important to living a life that you love, which will help you take the actions to achieve the things that matter most to you.

Take Action with this Bonus Question

If you are still feeling stuck, if you’re not super clear on what it is that you want in life, ask yourself this, “What if I had less time?” What would you do if you had less time? We often think about having more time. If I only had more time, I could do X, Y, or Z. I would finally clean up the house, I’d really take that trip. If I only had more time, I would write a book.

What would happen, though, if you had less time? Rather than approaching each day as if there’s an infinite amount of time ahead in your life, what if you approached it with there’s a limited amount of time in your life? How does that make you feel? What pops up in your head that you want to achieve and achieve before your time here on this earth ends? It’s kind of morbid, but it’s also very real. We don’t have infinite amounts of time. And so with that, I’m going to leave you to think about what if you had less time? What would you prioritize getting done? The answer to that will provide you some clarity on what you should be doing right now.

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