How to Achieve a Goal Successfully, The # 1 Tip

How to Achieve a Goal Successfully, The # 1 Tip

The # 1 Tip For How to Achieve a Goal Successfully | Rose Gold Mama

The # 1 Tip For How to Achieve a Goal Successfully is simply to believe you can.  Read on to learn how to do just that.

Goal planning is not easy. There is a lot involved in figuring out what you can achieve. The most common mistake is not what you think. The most common mistake in goalsetting does not have to do with how you break down the goal. It’s not about the timing of the goal or even the actual outcome of the goal. The most common mistake in goalsetting is not believing that you can achieve the goal. Setting a goal you are not confident you can achieve will set you up for failure every time. If you flip that on its head, the most important thing to do when setting a goal is believing that you can achieve it.

How to achieve a goal successfully: Start with one goal 

Start with one goal. It’s hard to really focus, dig deep and believe you are going to achieve 1 million things. Pick one very exciting thing that you want to achieve and focus on that. That thing will break down into smaller things. So, ultimately you might have more than 1 goal but the smaller goals should all ladder up to the big goal.  You need to believe you can meet those small goals too.  Believing that you can achieve those smaller goals is even more important that believe in the big one. As you achieve those small goals your belief in completing the big goal gets stronger and stronger.

How to achieve a goal successfully: Set a big goal

Your big goal needs to excite you. When you think about the outcome of your goal you should get butterflies in your stomach. When you think about achieving your goal you should feel proud. It really is important that your big goal is something that excites you and that motivates you. It should be something that leaves you feeling breathless.

If the goal doesn’t give you butterflies, if achieving that goal doesn’t excite you to the point of scaring you a little, then think bigger. You are capable of big things.

Why a big goal?

You need a big goal, because you deserve a big outcome.  A big audacious goal will pull you to it lightening the load of the work it’ll take to get there. So, don’t invest your time in the small things. Invest your time in big things that move the needle on your heart and soul. The only small things that you should be spending time on are the things that either keep your foundation solid or that are working towards moving the needle on the big things.

How to Believe

Find Examples

Look for others who have done the same thing. Seeing and knowing it’s possible for that woman over there can be motivating. If no one else has achieved your goal before don’t fret you were meant to be the first. The following tips can help.

Find a Tribe

 If possible find a tribe of others who are looking to achieve the something similar so that they can motivate and encourage you and help you continue to believe that you can achieve these things. Their belief in you will bolster your belief in yourself.


Visualize yourself having done the thing. Take the time to close your eyes and imagine yourself at the end of your goal having accomplished it. Feel what it will be like to have succeeded. Reveal in that for a moment. Do this often. Taking time to visualize your success will strengthen your belief in yourself.  

Consider it done

Talk about your achievement out loud as if it’s already happened.  This will help you to believe deeply in your mind and your subconscious, in your heart and your soul, that you can achieve the goal. Don’t worry you don’t have to do this in front of others. Just do this with yourself. Each morning before you brush your teeth or o your way to work tell yourself you’ve already succeeded.

Make sure you are stating your achievement and how you would feel once you have succeeded instead of  wishing for it. So, don’t say “I want to lose 10 pounds”. Instead say “ I have lost 10 pounds and I feel amazing!”  Or, “I have lost 10 pounds, my health is better and I’m a better mom because of it!”  Maybe it’s  “I have lost 10 pounds and I feel sexier.”

Say it out loud as if you have already achieved it and feel those feelings. There’s no reason to feel silly in front of yourself, projecting victory.

Get a cheerleader

A key of how to achieve a goal successfully is to have support. Find a friend and ask them to regularly tell you, that THEY believe you can achieve.

Track the progress on your small goals.

As you achieve your small goals be sure to track your progress and celebrate. Celebrating the small wins is a critical part of believe you can. When you celebrate what you’ve done you cement in your subconscious positive feeling around believing in yourself.

You Got This!

You Got this mama, you can do great things. Believe in yourself, because all of your life has been leading up to this moment.  Your life has been preparing you to achieve your big goal and now is the time. The most important thing for you to do next is to take action.

Take Action, Now

So, what is your big goal? Right now, in this moment, write it down. Reflect on achieving it. How does that make you feel? Do you have butterflies? Is a huge smile breaking out on your face? Do you maybe even feel relief? Good. Download the goal checklist below to help you get started.

Now, it’s time go out there and do big things! If you are worried about actually finding time for your goal, check out this article on the most amazing to-do list. This to-do list will help make sure you spending your time on the big things first.  

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