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What to do when you’re feeling underappreciated

Burnout seems more common now than ever before. And yet, it’s so hard to handle it because it’s all-encompassing. It affects our mind, body, and spirit. How do you fight an enemy that drains and exhausts you?

There is even more to mom burnout – because motherhood is a lifetime commitment. We can’t just take vacations from our family and kids.

I want to give you a simple, actionable trick to prevent and cope with burnout.

We talked about the six causes of burnout before, and one of them is not feeling appreciated. 

I know when I don’t feel appreciated, it can get in my head and my thoughts go to a dark place. I start to be resentful of those around me, and I also start to feel kind of overwhelmed with everything going on.

So I must recognize and appreciate myself. I say affirmations in the mirror. I celebrate my wins. But sometimes, that’s not enough.

And when it’s not, I like to ask someone to be my cheerleader.

When you don’t feel appreciated, things start to go to a dark place.

I’m not talking about asking for compliments in a passive-aggressive way.

Find someone who cares about you and communicate what you need.

It could be your partner, a trusted colleague, a friend, or your mom, like, “Hey, I feel so underappreciated right now. I need someone to pump me up. Can you be my cheerleader? Can you just tell me some of the good things that I’ve done or that you’ve seen me do?” 

Let them flood you with compliments. People who love you will be happy to do this. Sometimes, they just need that push to say these things.

And when they say these compliments, take them in and know that you are awesome! Don’t discount and downplay them.

Getting these from someone you care about will help you feel appreciated. It’s going to help you feel seen. And it’s going to keep you away from feeling burned out.

Recognize and appreciate yourself.

Take action

So go ahead. Give it a try. Think about someone who you can say, “Hey, can you be my cheerleader?” and then ask them.

On the top of your mind, who would you request to be your cheerleader?

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