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Simple Pleasures For Busy Moms

Simple Pleasures For Busy Moms | Rose Gold Mama

Let’s face it; there isn’t always time to plan for pleasure. That’s where finding and relishing simple pleasures comes in. The key to reducing stress and living a life you love through simple pleasures is to be intentional in finding them and grateful for experiencing them. Following is a list of mine. I’ve added them to the worksheet below with space for you to write your own. Print it out, fill it out, and put it somewhere that will help you to remember to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. 

Getting into cool sheets 

The smell of wet concrete after the rain 

Laughing babies 

An empty email box 

Barefeet in the sand 

PB&J on toast 

Grilled cheese 

Squash soup 

Watching my son play pillow fights

A warm cup of tea with honey

Iced animal cookies

Listening to the ocean

Blowing bubbles

Walking into a cleanroom

Taking a long hot shower

Swimming at night

Swimming naked

Picnic in the park

The warm sun on my face

Crossing something off of my to-do list

Whipped cream

A nap 

Singing along to the radio in the car

Easy yoga

Walking barefoot in the grass

Laughing until I cry

Running in the rain


Sugar cereal

A hug from someone I care about

Giving a compliment 

Receiving an unexpected compliment

A cool breeze against my skin

A scented candle

A baby’s laugh 

The smell of popcorn

The smell of fresh-baked cookies

The first sip of coffee

A high-five

A cold glass of water on a hot day

A warm cup of cocoa with marshmallows on a cold day

Getting an unexpected text from someone I care about

 A new pair of jeans

Sharing an unexpected moment with a stranger

A good poem

The city skyline at night

Someone brushing my hair

Finding an old picture of myself for my family

A warm towel after a shower

Petting a puppy

The smell of an old book

Opening a new journal

Kittens on the internet

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