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How to Deal with Worry

How to deal with worry | Rose Gold Mama

Are you wondering how to deal with worry? That’s normal.  One of the biggest shocks about becoming a mother is how much you worry. Suddenly, you are responsible for these tiny, defenseless, precious lives. It’s natural to worry.

Of course you are concerned. You want to make sure that you’re raising them right. It’s up to you to ensure they have what they need to be fully functioning adults. You are responsible for ensuring they are able to take care of themselves and ideally to make the world a better place.  It’s up to you to keep them safe from all the dangers that lurk around each and every corner. 

Out of nowhere, your ability to be employed and move your career forward becomes that much more important. Your salary keeps food on the table and a warm roof over their heads. Your responsibilities are real, as is the stress that comes with it. It is natural to worry. It’s envenitable.  Yet, worry should not consume you or take the joy from your life. Here are a few tips on how to deal with worry. 

4 Ways To Deal With Worry 

When it comes to how to deal with worry, there are 4 things things you can do. Three of them are productive and one of them you need to stop doing right now.

When you have a worry you can either: 

  1.  Address it in the moment 
  2. Plan to address it later 
  3. Let it go 
  4. Let it fester

The correct answer to this multiple-choice question is either A,B or C. . D is definitely the wrong answer. Do not let your worries fester 

There is a saying going around the Internet  “I know worrying works because the things I worry about never happen”. 

It’s a joke because we worry about so many things that never come to fruition. Letting your worries fester means spending your time and energy means spending your precious time and energy on things that make you feel bad and will probably never come true.It’s steals joy and makes life more difficult than it needs to be. 

It’s better to use your time and energy on reality and on the things right in front of you. Don’t let it fester, instead try one of these three things.

How To Deal With Worry: Be Present

Worrying takes you away from your present situation.  When you worry you remove yourself from the present and put yourself into made up unhappy place. That is a waste. You’re losing the precious moments you have right now today. So, be present rather than worry. Here are three ways to help you do that.

How To Deal With Worry: Address, File It or Let It Go. 

Address worry in the moment.

If you’re worried about something and you can actually take action to combat the issue causing you concern, do it. Address the worry right there then and there so that you can let it go.

File the worry for later 

If you cannot address the worry in the moment then immediately plan for when you will address it and let it go. . Say, you’re at the dinner table and you become worried about the car battery failing on your next road trip. Plan to go check the car battery after dinner or even the next morning. Then stop worrying.There’s nothing to worry about until you actually check the battery.

Let It Go 

The last see is to simply let it go. If you’re worried about something that you can’t do anything about it then just let it go. There’s no need to worry and fret about things you cannot control. Bring yourself to the present time focus on what’s going on around you.  If you’ve got a persistent worry, one that creeps up over and over again here is a trick for letting it go. Write that worry down on a piece of paper and burn it. It sounds crazy but it’s super cathartic. Another option is to write it down and bury it in the ground for the universe and God to deal with.  If you can’t control it, let it go. 

If you want to take action on this right now, you can. Download and print the Worry Release printouts below, write your persistent worries on there and burn them. 

How to Deal With Worry 

Worrying is a natural part of motherhood. It’s a healthy part when it keeps you safe and helps you to plan for the future. It’s also healthy when it helps to bolster your life. It’s unhealthy when it takes away your joy. If your worry is stealing your  joy, address it, file it away for later or let it go. Then be present and enjoy the moment you are in. 

If one of the things you worry about is how to do it all, check out this article.

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