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Self-Care Tip For Moms: 5 Ways Easy Ways To Feel Better

5 Easy Ways To Feel Better For Moms | Rose Gold Mama

As a busy mom when you’re trying to live your best life and serve all of those around it can be hard to show up how you want to when you don’t feel great. If you feel gross in your body or are simply in a mood, it’s hard to be the woman you want to be. The great news is that sometimes it’s mind over matter and other times it’s body over mind. Simply moving your body in a certain way can help you to feel better. Following are five easy ways feel better. All five self-care tips involve how you move your body but none require a workout.


When you feel crunchy and balled up, and stressed on the inside, you probably are. Take a moment to stretch and you’ll feel better. Stretching doesn’t have to be intense. Stretching does not need to make you sweat. It just needs to help loosen your body. Simply put your hands over your head and reach for the sky. Then reach for the floor. Twist left and right. Swivel your head around in a circle. Shake your head yes and no. Move to stretch And you’ll feel better.

Take the Stairs 

It’s so easy to just take the elevator  or escalator. Take the stairs instead. Yes, this will get your heart rate up and that is a great thing. A small sprint like this helps to release feel good endorphins. Not to mention you will also feel better about yourself after having done something that is a little challenging. Taking the stairs is an easy way to get the blood flowing and provide  a reason to pat yourself on the back. It’s a win-win for your mental and your physical well-being.

Hug Someone 

I’ve noticed when my young son is moody sometimes he just needs a hug. As mamas, sometimes we just need a hug. When you’re feeling down in the dumps or not quite right it could be that you just need a hug. The great news is, you don’t have to wait for someone to come and give you one. You can offer one to someone else. The bonus is not only will you feel better they will too.

Put Your Bare Feet On The Ground 

It’s easy to start to disconnect from yourself when you’re rushing around keeping the kids in line, holding it down at the office and pulling your household together, nonstop. In order to reconnect, a funny little thing that you can do is to simply slip off your shoes and put your bare feet onto the ground. Try this in your backyard, a park, or even the beach if you can get there. Feeling your bare feet against the earth does something to ground and reconnect you. I can’t quite explain it but if you give it a try you’ll feel it. This is an easy thing to do with your body to feel better.


OK, so you knew this one was coming. Dance. It feels good to move your body. Put on your favorite tunes and shake your booty. If you want to try the latest dance awesome. If you know how to floss, get it. If you’re into interpretive dance like me, then go ahead and put on a show. Dancing is an amazing way to lift your mood and brighten your spirits. This is also a super fun one to get the family involved with. Dance even if you don’t feel like it. Lineup two of your favorite songs and commit to dancing through both of them. By the end you are guaranteed to feel better.

Take Action 

It’s time to take action. Now that you have five different ways to move your body to feel better you need to practice them. Incorporate these into your regular week. If you do them when you feel good or even when you feel great, it will be a lot easier to do then when you don’t feel so great. You can download the checklist below and keep it  in your car or purse to remind you of the five different things you can do to feel better when you’re on the go.

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