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Unlocking Secrets for More Success

It’s choice – not chance – that determines your destiny. – Jean Nidetch or maybe Aristotle…

Maybe Jean Nidetch said it, the woman who started Weight Watchers, or maybe Aristotle said it. It is unclear. Depending on your internet search, you’re going to find different answers. Either way, it is a fantastic quote because it’s true, and it’s how I believe in living my life.

I believe that your choices and what you do ultimately determine where you are. And it’s the little choices that build up over time that determines that. Do you get up out of bed a little bit early? Do you put in extra effort when you can? Do you choose to sleep in? Do you choose to spend time on social media? All those little choices are adding up to where you go in life. What you CHOOSE to do is what determines where you end up. In the thick of challenging times, it might not seem that way, but it’s the truth. Owning this is the first of 3 tips on unlocking more success. 

Own That Your Choices Shape Your Future 

That quote is my new favorite quote, and it is the first success tip that I have for you – genuinely own that your choices determine your destiny, so choose your choices wisely. Even when it’s not easy, make the more difficult choices that push you forward. All those tiny little choices you make every single day from the moment you decide to get out of bed – what time you decide to get out of bed, what you choose to eat or not eat, whether or not you decide to shower – all of those decisions add up to what your future is going to be.

Give Up On Motivation and Focus On Effort

Motivation is a bunch of malarkey when it comes to success. Effort is what’s important. Action is what matters. Often we sit around and wait for motivation to kick in. You just need to do what you need to do. Motivation comes, and when it comes, it’s amazing. Motivation can get you into a flow so that you can complete everything. This is ideal, and it is incredible! However, motivation doesn’t always come. You don’t always feel inspired to do the things you need to do. So let motivation go and don’t depend on it to accomplish your goals. Instead, focus on action and effort. Focus on completing tasks with or without motivation.  

Challenge All Of Your Negative Beliefs

When you think negative thoughts about yourself, challenge them. Do not sit with negative thoughts. Challenge those beliefs because those thoughts only have power if you give them power. They only become true if you give them power to become true. So when you have that negative thought, rather than thinking, “I’m never going to be able to do this,” think, “How can I do this?” Think, “I can do this with enough effort. I can do this with enough support.” Challenge whether or not the belief you have is based in truth or in self-doubt. Find out the basis for this negative thought so that you can better understand yourself and better understand how to get rid of it. 

Take Action

I encourage you to write these three tips on a piece of paper. Read over the tips aloud. Keep this piece of paper in an easily accessible place. Hang it up as a visual reminder or take it along with you in your purse or wallet to reference when needed. Unlocking secrets to more success can be just as simple as reminding yourself of these three tips daily. Remember, with a few daily actions, you can start living your best days now. 

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