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Protect Your Mental Health: Learn to Say No

How do you even start focusing on yourself – on your mental health – when you’re being pulled in every direction all day, every day?

There is one essential skill you need to learn so can protect your wellbeing. It’s really honestly my number one tip for staying sane: Saying no.


“No, thank you.” 

“I politely decline.”

“This is not for me.”

These are the many ways you can say no.

Learn to say NO.

Make sure that you say no to things that aren’t aligned with your priorities. Make sure you say no to things that don’t move you forward in life. 

Saying no to those things gives you the time and space so that you can do the things you truly want.

Those aligned with your priorities like sleep or working towards your goals or being with your kids.

The more you say NO, the better.

It is okay to say no, and in fact, it’s necessary in order to be your best self. 

So here’s a tip for reducing stress: Say no more often. 

The more you say no, the better you will be.

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