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A Super Trick To Achieve Your Goals

We’re five months into the year.

It’s spring, and with spring comes renewal, refresh, and thinking about our goals again.

It can feel empowering to see your progress for the last 5 months, or it can feel like you need to catch up on your yearly goals.

I want to give you a trick to make sure you achieve your goals and match the energy and sunshine that summer brings.

It takes a little bit of tough love, but keep your mind open.

It’s spring and with spring comes renewal refresh.

You, right now, are the product of the last six months.

Whatever you’ve been doing consistently over the last six months, any big changes you’ve made over the last six months have dramatically shaped where you are today.

Your daily habits brought you here.

Whether you’ve made progress every day or you’ve stayed stuck in one place is the result of your habits.

Yes, we have history. Yes, there’s a whole bunch of stuff behind us that has put us in the situation, but how we dealt with all of that history over the last six months has steered where we are in this moment.

So if you’ve got a big goal, what I want you to do is to focus on what can you do over the next six months consistently? 

Or what really big things can you do over the next six months to move you towards your goal? 

Focus on those things you can do consistently. 

Who you are today is a product of your decision yesterday.

Take Action

Write down what you can commit to consistently and take action. They are your small and big steps toward success. They’ll shape a better future for you.

If you want to talk more about how you can boost your progress toward your goals, check out my VIP days where we can spend a half or a whole day together going through how you can thrive both in and out of the office. Take action towards success here

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