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Mental Health and Motherhood: Prioritize Your Sleep

As a working mom, I understand that thriving in both your career and motherhood is difficult. 

From meeting deadlines to attending school functions and juggling household chores, it can be challenging to stay focused and productive. 

However, if you can only do ONE THING to significantly impact your mental health and well-being, it’s this:

Get some sleep. 

Prioritize your sleep.

I’m not going to say you need to get 8 hours because I know for a lot of us, that’s just not a possibility.

But you can prioritize sleep. It is so important as a working mom that you get as much sleep as possible and the highest quality sleep that you can. 

What does that mean? 

It means turning off your device before bedtime and not endlessly doom-scrolling right until you fall asleep.

It means maybe reading a book a little bit as part of your bedtime routine.

You can also do some type of meditation for a little bit, lying in bed and counting all the things you’re grateful for.

Help yourself maintian your mental health and reduce your stress.

It could be as simple as turning off the lights and lying in darkness until you can fall asleep.

I know that sounds frustrating, but it’s actually a lot better than like scrolling your device. 

When you get good sleep, you’ll feel energized, more productive, and in a better mood.

Sleep isn’t just a physical requirement for good health. It is also a foundation for solid and resilient mental well-being.

So that’s my tip for you to help you maintain your mental health and reduce your stress. Get some quality sleep.

If it can’t be 7 to 8 hours, that’s okay. Just make sure that the sleep you do get is the highest quality possible.

Sending you grace, peace, and joy,


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