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Free Self-Care Ideas | Rose Gold Mama

Free Self-Care Ideas | Rose Gold Mama

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Self-care doesn't need to cost money. Get 10 free self-care ideas you can add to your routine today. You can also download the free self-care checklist.

Practicing self-care is a vital part of living a life you love. It’s also key to being your best self and serving others at your maximum potential. The thing that kinda sucks is a lot of self-care ideas for moms cost not only time but also money. Yet, there are a lot of free self-care ideas out there. Below you can a find a few that you may want to add to your self-care routine checklist. If you’re looking for more self-care ideas you can download the free printable self-care checklist below. It has several more ideas on page 2.

Top 10 Free-Self Care Ideas


Not only is this free, you can do it anywhere, in your home, in the car, walking down the street even on a table! Ok, we’ll maybe the last two aren’t for everyone but you get the point. It cost nothing to dance and feels great! This is a great free self-care idea you can do with friends and family too. Just crank up the tunes and get moving.


It doesn’t matter what you read, a trashy beach novel, the New York Times, poetry, a self-help book or a comic strip. Just take a moment to engage your brain in something that isn’t work, kids, husband or household. You can use a book you already have or find something interesting on the web. Even better, get out of the house and check out your local library

Breathe deeply (be sure this on your self-care routine checklist)

Take a moment to breathe deep. Pause for 1 minute in your day and take 8-10 long slow deep breathes. Let your shoulders drop and you mind relax as you breathe in calm and exhale love. Put this at the top of your self-care routine checklist.

Light a candle and watch the flame

Seriously, it sounds crazy but it’s very relaxing.  Set an alarm on your phone for 3 minutes. Light a candle, slow your breathing and just stare at the flame. Try to not think about anything but your breath and the flame. It’ll help to reset you.

Make a gratitude list (the best free self-care idea)

Grab a pen and paper. Think of the people, things and experiences you are grateful for. Write them down. Gratitude is a free self-care idea you can practice anywhere at any time. It’s a great activity to add to your self-care routine checklist.   

Send a thank you text

Take your gratitude one level further by sharing it. Think of someone you are grateful for and let them know! It doesn’t have to be awkward. Just kind. For example you could write:

“Hey! I was just thinking about how awesome you are. Thank for being you”

Take a nap (a favorite free-self care idea)

Napping is self-care. If you are tried or need a break. Take one.

Eat a PBJ

Don’t like PBJ, how about grilled cheese or a Popsicle? Have one of your favorite childhood foods. Let the nostalgia take over you and enjoy the experience and slightly guilty pleasure.


Adult coloring books have become a thing for a reason. They help you feel great. Pick up some crayons or markers and doodle or draw. Just a few minutes of letting those creative juices out can do wonders for your soul.

Take a walk 

Move your body and if you can do it in nature.  Walking around is a wonderful free self-care idea. It not only helps you to burn some calories but also helps clear your mind.

Pick One Free Self-Care Idea

There you have 10 truly free self-care ideas. Pick one of these ideas and add it to your self-care routine checklist. If you want more ideas or a better way to track your self-care download the free checklist below.

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