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Clarity Gets You Unstuck

I am a happy person. That is true, but I haven’t always been this happy. 

I want to share with you something very real for me. 

I remember when I was just walking through a fog in life – when day after day, it was always the same thing. I would wake up, take care of my son, drop him off, go to work, come home from work, make dinner, work some more, go to bed, wake up, take care of my son and drop him off, go to work…

Every single day, rinse, wash, repeat. A common working mom struggle, right?

And even though my life looked great on paper, I loathed it.

I felt stuck and I was unhappy and I realized I had to do something about that. And I thought, “Okay. Feeling stuck is my issue.”

What’s the opposite of stuck? Momentum. 

Not just momentum, forward momentum – moving in the direction I want to move in. 

But how do I get there? How do I go from stuck to momentum? What’s the key to making that happen? I realized the key to making that happen is getting clarity. 

Clarity makes all the difference in being able to get yourself unstuck and start moving forward with momentum and the direction you want to be in.

The key to moving forward from stuck to momentum is CLARITY

By not being clear on what I wanted, I was settling for everything that came my way. 

And this is why many working parents feel like they are trapped.

Some things seemed great, but great isn’t necessarily what you need if it’s not what you want.

A new job with good compensation and benefits seems great. But if that job isn’t actually what you want, if it’s not giving you the freedom that you need, if it’s not the type of challenging work that you want, it sounds nice, but it’s not actually what you need.

Here is one strategy for working moms to get unstuck.

For me, getting that clarity allowed me to go from a place of essentially going along with the water to climbing out of that and setting off into the world. 

By not being clear on what you really wanted, you were settling for everything that came your way.

Take Action

If you don’t feel like you have clarity on what you need in life and what you want in life, you need to get clear.

Take 10 minutes and write down what you want for your career, for your relationship with your kids, with your partner, and the fun in your life. 

Get clear on what you want, because when you have that clarity, it’s going to make it so much easier for you to move forward and find joy. 

And I want you to have joy because when you have joy, your family’s happier, your place of work is more profitable and your community does better. The world does better when you are happy.

So get this clarity in your life so that you can get unstuck and move to a place of joy.

If you want to talk more about how you can get clarity and find joy in working motherhood, check out my VIP days where we can spend a half or a whole day together going through how you can thrive both in and out of the office. Take action towards thriving here.  

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