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One Key Trick To Achieve Your Goals

Whether you’ve already got your goals set and written down or you’re still in the process of setting new goals, I want to make sure you didn’t miss this one big thing – the one step you need to add to your goal setting.

Have you ever had a goal and you just kind of like putter out? You get so far down the path and then the motivation wanes, and you almost forget about it. 

If that’s ever happened to you, it’s because you’re missing this one big step.

Make your feelings associated with your goals.

You have to have a feeling associated to your goal. 

So whether you use SMART goals or OKRs, make sure that once you’ve written all that out, you associate a feeling to it.

Close your eyes and visualize what it will be like to achieve your goal. 

Whether it’s losing weight, landing that next big client, walking into the boardroom and delivering like a boss, getting your team behind you – whatever your goal might be, close your eyes and think about what it’ll feels like once you’ve achieved it.

Visualize what it’s going to look like.

Are people going to clap for you? Are they going to high five you? Are you getting a bonus check? Are you getting a promotion? Are you feeling great while fitting into those jeans? 

The key to success is savoring that feeling and seeing that in your mind. 

When you can conjure up those feelings, you are going to stay on the path of success.

Take Action

Create a doodle that represents how that feels. 

Maybe it’s a picture of you presenting to the board, just a little stick figure.

When you’re bored or when you’re waiting for something, I want you to think of that doodle or actually draw it and conjure up all those really good feelings. This is how to achieve your goals.

Because when you can conjure up those feelings, you are going to stay on the path of success. 

Take action right now. Close your eyes and feel how it’s going to feel. Create your doodle. 

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