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6 Tenets of Minimalism

Just like self-care, minimalism has been overused and abused. Everyone and their BFF on Instagram post their highly stylized minimalist bedrooms, office, and living rooms. I love the intention behind the minimalist movement at its core, but I’m also worried it’s starting to turn into a competition. Here is what I love about minimalism; the idea behind it is to provide more freedom. Mental and financial freedom, which we can all use, especially in today’s world. Here are the 6 tenets of minimalism that speak to me most, that I want to teach my sons, and actively practice in my family.

Get Rid of Stuff That Doesn’t Bring You Joy

My first tip would make Marie Kondo proud. Why do you have so much stuff? It’s not necessarily about decluttering; it’s about asking yourself, “Do I need all the things that I have?” and then getting rid of whatever it is that you don’t need. To be sure, getting rid of it doesn’t just mean throwing it away. Donate it if possible. Suppose you’re able to sell it and make some money on it, even better. Get rid of the things in your house that aren’t adding value to your life.

Don’t Buy Things to Impress Others

Don’t buy something just because Sally down the block has it, or because Becky from church has it. Buying things to impress others is a waste of money. Don’t buy things to show off. Only buy what you and your family truly want and need. 

Spend Your Money On Experiences Not Things

Stop buying things. Most of us have enough. Rather than spending your money on stuff, spend your money on experiences. I think it’s a wonderful way to live. Spend your money on the memories that you’ll make, and spend your time there too. 

Value Relationships and Time with People

Sometimes this can be hard to practice and prioritize, but I encourage you to be intentional here. Spend your time and your energy developing relationships rather than obtaining things. 

Put Your Energy Towards Developing Yourself and Your Relationships

Put your energy towards not only developing relationships but developing yourself. Spend the time you might spend on things and stuff on yourself, developing you, developing your relationship with your family, and your kids. That’s one of the tenants of minimalism, and I think it’s wonderful. When you can incorporate it into your life, people over things, it makes your life better. 

Be creative

Getting creative with what you have is key to minimalism. Creativity not only challenges our brain in a way that helps with self-development, but it also teaches our kids new and excellent skills. It also makes life a little more fun trying to figure out how you can get more creative in general.

Take Action

Those are the tenets that I find most interesting about minimalism. I encourage you to pick one and try to work it into your life this week. Own your decision. Your life will get better bit by bit. You won’t regret it.

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