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How To Be A Confident Woman

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As busy moms who are often overextended, it’s so easy to lose our confidence and feel like we’re not capable of meeting all the demands that others put on us. Well, I’ve got some good news for you, and that is, confidence is not something you’re born with; it’s something you can create. The great news is that you can create it in any moment, even when you are doubting yourself. Here are a few habits and ideas that you can use to help you feel confident more of the time. Also, you can print out the worksheet at the end of this article to help you get started today.

Set Goals That Have Action Plans

Confidence comes from knowing why you do what you do. A confident woman has goals. Take time to make sure you have goals across your life, not only for your career. After you have these goals in place, create a plan to achieve them. Knowing that you have a plan will bolster your confidence. Not having a plan means you simply have a dream, and dreams don’t lead to confidence, actions do.

Work Out

Exercise leads to confidence. Exercise helps you to be comfortable with your body. Knowing everything that your body is capable of will help you to be a more confident woman. For instance, knowing that you can push yourself to physical limits will help to build your confidence. Take time each day to work out. Yoga is excellent. The balance required from yoga and the strength needed from lifting are both fantastic ways to build confidence not only in your body but in your ability to achieve everything you want in life.

Accept Compliments 

Confident women know they are amazing. Therefore, when you doubt yourself, utilize the positive energy that others are putting your way in the form of a compliment. Accept the praise, take it to heart and say thank you. After you say thank you, don’t say anything else. Don’t make any excuses for why you’re amazing.

Feel Your Feels

Accepting that you’re human and have a wide range of emotions that you are not only capable of but required to feel, helps to build confidence. Know that it is OK to feel sad, happy, frustrated, joyful, grateful, or angry. Accepting your feelings, owning your feelings, sitting in your feelings, and loving yourself despite those feelings, as a result, helps to build confidence.

Make “No” A Regular Part Of Your Vocabulary

Confident women know it’s OK to say no. When you say no, you’re essentially saying there are other things more important in my life than what is being put in front of me in this moment. Knowing that you have more important things going on in life is a clear indicator of how wonderful and amazing you are. Practicing saying no can build up your confidence. 

Stop Comparing

Comparing yourself to others breaks down confidence. Only compare yourself to yourself. This will help you to be more confident. Are you better today than you were yesterday? Did you push yourself harder today than you did yesterday? Did you do the best with what was given to you? Ask yourself these questions, and if the answer is yes, it will help to build your confidence. If the answer is no, that’s OK, now you know you need to work a little harder, and the fact that you’re capable of working a little harder and a little smarter will help to build your confidence.

Practice Self-Care

When you are beat-down, it is hard to be confident. Confident women take time to care for themselves. Therefore, take time to practice self-care so that you can function at 100%. When you’re operating at 100% you’re going to be more confident.In other words, when you are functioning at 100%, you are more likely to be able to push boundaries and achieve your personal best, and this leads to confidence.

Guilt is an annihilator of confidence. It is important to let go of the guilt that you feel, especially if that guilt is linked to perfection. You do not need to be perfect to be great. You do not need to be perfect to be wonderful. Remember this and let your guilt go.

Confidently Take Action 

Confidence is a skill. It is made up of ongoing habits. Practice the above, and you will be confident. This doesn’t mean that you’ll never feel self-doubt. However, it does mean when you catch yourself in a moment of self-doubt, you’ll be able to more quickly move out of that feeling. You’ll be able to remind yourself of the amazing woman that you are.

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