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3 Ways You’re Being Motivated by Your Ego

3 Ways You're Being Motivated By Your Ego | The Savvy Working Mom

Ego is an interesting thing; it masquerades as wanting the best for us but is really focused on if we are better than others. Ego can be highly motivating, but that motivation is very rarely sustainable. In fact, sometimes that type of motivation creates a very frustrating process as we try to achieve what we want to achieve. When our ego motivates us, we can find ourselves not enjoying the goals we are trying to achieve. When our ego drives us, we will never be as happy as when our purpose motivates us. Here are 3 ways to check in to see if your ego is what’s motivating you.

Are You Trying to Prove You Are Better Than Others?

It is essential to recognize the motivation behind your actions. Are you doing what you do to prove that you’re better than others? Are you doing this to prove that you’re better than Sally down the street or Bob at work? If you are, then it could be your ego motivating you. 

Are You Experiencing Envy, Jealousy, or Anger?

The next step is to as yourself if someone else achieves the same thing you are trying to achieve, do you feel angry or jealous or resentful? If you have any of those feelings when someone else achieves something similar to you, it could be that your ego is what’s motivating you. 

Do You Value the Approval of Others Over the Achievement of the Goal?

Lastly, if you value others’ approval over the journey to achieve your goal or the achievement itself, you may be led by your ego. 

If you find that it is your ego motivating you in any way, just take a moment to pause. Think about what it is you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Dig deep, really ask yourself, why am I doing this? Why do I want this? Most likely, there is another reason you just have to dig for it. Then, once you find it, that’s where you need to focus. Use those answers, that purpose, to drive and motivate you. Don’t let your ego win.

Take Action

You can begin today. Take some time today to check in with yourself to see if ego is what’s motivating you. If you find that it is just remember, you have to take action. If you find yourself frustrated along the journey of your goal or wonder why you don’t feel satisfaction as you achieve a goal, take a moment to pause and say, “Is it my ego or is it my purpose that’s motivating me?”

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