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5 Ideas For Physical Self-Care

5 Ideas For Physical Self-Care

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5 Ideas For Physical Self Care | Rose Gold Mama

Self-care helps to create a strong foundation from which you can build your life. As busy mamas, it can be challenging to find the time to take care of ourselves because we often put this task after everything else on our plate. It really should be the other way around. The plate, which is a metaphor for your life, is much stronger when you care for it. 

If you think about it like this, the number of things you have going on in your life is equivalent to a massive Thanksgiving meal. If you put that Thanksgiving meal on a flimsy paper plate by the end of the meal, the paper plate is soaked through and no longer useful. It’s also highly likely that the plate gives out, and the food ends up on the floor. However, if you put that Thanksgiving meal onto a strong glass plate or even a reinforced paper plate, not only will the plate be good for another use, your food will stay on the plate. Self-care helps ensure that your plate is reinforced and ready for whatever gets piled up on it.


Dance is amazing. Dancing helps to release feel-good endorphins, stretch your body, get your heart rate up, and I’m sure contributes to 1000 other positive things that a scientist would confirm. Once you start dancing, it’s hard not to feel good. So dance as often as possible.

Dancing is one of the most fun forms of physical self-care. The trick here is that you should always plan to dance for at least three songs. Why three? The answer is simple: during the first song, you just might not feel like it. So you have to force your way through that first song, but trust me, by the second song, you will be ready to go, and once you finish that third song, you’ll be in a new positive state. To make sure you’re prepared at any given moment, create a feel-good dance playlist so you can just pop it on anytime you need a boost or just for the heck of it. 

Dancing is amazing and one of the best ways to start the day. Don’t just use this as a trick to get you out of a funk also use it as a daily practice to keep you in a positive elevated state.


Our bodies are meant to move. Yet in today’s world, we don’t have the opportunity to move as much as our bodies would probably like to. You have to make the time. Walk for at least 30 minutes a day. It doesn’t have to be 30 minutes straight. You could break it up into three separate 10-minute sessions. There are many different ways to make this happen.

Here are a few examples. If you’re like me and you live in a city, take a little extra time while walking to the train station. Walk a little further than you need before hopping on the train, the same goes for bus stops. If you are a frequent driver, then park in the parking spot furthest away from the door of the store you’re heading to. Between that long walk to the door and walking around inside the store, you’re going to get your steps in. If the store happens to be Target, you may just be able to get your steps in for the whole week. Taking a walk after dinner with your family is a great way not only to practice physical self-care, it also helps to develop deeper relationships with your family and instill good and healthy habits.

Give A Hug 

Whether we like it or not we are social beings. Hugs can help to leave a deeply connected social fabric between ourselves and others. A hug is a fantastic tool to help you and another person feel good. Hugs are a form of physical self-care and one of my favorites. Now, you don’t have to hug just anyone, nor should you. But think about embracing your family and close friends more often. You don’t always have to do the full-on face to face front to front hug. A simple side hug, shoulder to shoulder, will do as well.

Is there someone you’re close to in the office that might be the answer? If hugging in the office gives you the heebie-jeebies, then I’ll give you a cheat for this one. High-five folks. There’s nothing creepy about a high-five. The idea is simply to engage in a positive and physical way with those around you. The power of touch is real. When you engage in this way, you help to spread positive energy from yourself to another person. Not only is this excellent physical self-care for you mama, but it’s also great physical self-care for those who you share it with. Sharing is caring and makes the world a better place.

Pet A Puppy

Dogs are the best. The woofers, the fluffers, and scruffy hair mutts are all great for your physical self-care. Pet a puppy. When I say puppy, I mean dogs, all dogs are puppies to me. They are sweet, they are loving, and there really is no downside to getting up close with a puppy. If you see a dog on the street take a moment to scratch his little head. If your neighbor has a dog and you’re feeling down ask if you can borrow that dog for a moment. As a dog owner, trust me, your neighbor will be happy to have you give their dog some attention. Maybe you can take the dog on a walk or just hang out in your backyard or apartment for the afternoon. It’ll be fun for both you and the dog.


Play. Playing is an excellent form of physical self-care. For some reason, as adults, we forget that this is actually fun, but once you try and let go of your inhibitions, you’ll realize how great this is. It’s also something that you can do with your kids. Playing can come in many forms. Go in the backyard to play tag with your kids if they’re young. Get a basketball and head to the local court for a few hoops or a game of PIG if your kids are older. Bust out a soccer ball and kick it around an open field with your husband. Or invent a game for just you and your family.

Playing is fun. They are synonymous for a reason. Take a moment to play, if not every day, then at least each week. You can also play with your girlfriends when you meet up with them. Rather than meeting for a drink, why don’t you meet for a game? You will all feel better after.

Take Action

Self-care strengthens the foundation on which you build your life. The building up of that foundation does not happen on its own; you must take action. Here you have 5 ideas for physical self-care specifically designed for working moms. Choose one and work it into your daily practice today. Choose another and try it out this week. To help you get started, you can download the worksheet, which has these ideas and space for more. Print it out and hang it up somewhere that will remind you to practice daily physical self-care.

For a few more self-care tips, check out 5 Ideas For Emotional Self-Care.

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