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How To Do It All As A Mom. A Life Prioritization Method.

Working moms, are saddled with doing it all.  It’s a pretty crappy statement but it’s also true… or is it? As moms, finding balance is better for us than trying to do it all.

Doing It All Is a Myth

Do we really need to do it all? All of the time? The answer is no. It’s impossible to expect that every day we can look like a model, perfectly mom, be the sexy fun wife, kill it at the office, be a doting daughter, an awesome friend, keep an Instagram worthy house, make Pinterest like meals, should I go on? The expectations are endless. Trying to do it all is not only impossible it’s unfair fuel on the fire of mom-guilt we are all constantly trying to put out.   I could ruminate on what’s wrong with society for expecting so much of us working moms but I won’t. Instead I’m going share a few tips on how to prioritize the various areas of your life, feel proud of yourself and help others see you shine.  Hello balanced life and goodbye stress of doing it all.

A Life Prioritization Method

  • Think of these 8 areas of your life (write them down):
    1. Career
    2. Finance
    3. Personal Growth
    4. Health
    5. Family
    6. Relationship
    7. Social Life
    8. Attitude
  • For each area quickly answer these questions (don’t think too hard just go with your gut)
    • What went well last week
    • What didn’t go well last week
    • What do you want more of this week
    • What do you want less of
  • With each area, mark on a scale of 1-10 how you are doing. 1 is awful and 10 is outstanding.
  • Then, pick 3 of your lower scoring areas and focus on just those 3 areas for the week. Do the basics for the other areas but don’t do the most. Spend your extra energy and time on your low scoring areas.
  • Next, create mini goals for each area by answering this question each week: What can I achieve in this area this week that will give me more of what I want or less of what I don’t want. Think about what will drive your number for that area higher.
  • Now, set a plan to do those things. Focus on them, don’t let anything else become more important (true emergencies aside).
  • When you achieve them, let someone know! Tell you your friends, your partner, your children, your boss. Let folks know the good you are doing and reward yourself. Celebrate.
  • At the end of each week go back and evaluate each of the 7 areas.
    • Have your low numbers gone up?
    • Have your high numbers come down?
    • Should you focus on the same areas this week as last week?
  • Use the response to number 8 and start fresh the next week.

The Point

The point of the exercise is to find some balance in your life. You will never be a 10 on everything and you don’t need to be. Try to keep everything in the 7-9 range. Don’t push to make time for everything just for the few areas that need your attention most.

A Real Life Example

Practically what this might look like is you rate yourself a 9 at work and 6 in social life. So, yes you’ve got to work and do well there, BUT for that week you might let yourself leave a little early to meet a friend for happy hour. That happy hour might push your work 9 to an 8.5 and bring your Friendships to a 7. Woot woot! You are now finding balance, you are prioritizing.

Another example could be you have a 6 in personal development and a 9 in relationships. Lean on your partner this week to do a bit more so you can take some time to read a book or take an online course.  

To recap

How do you do it all? You don’t . Instead, focus on the areas of your life that need the most attention and adjust accordingly each week.

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