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How to Reduce Burnout: What You Can Do for Yourself

We need to talk more about coping with burnout.

Because whether you’re at the edge of burnout or already experiencing it, it can feel overwhelming, like you don’t have the time nor the energy to do something about it.

When I’m burned out, I don’t look forward to doing anything in my life. That’s not a good way to be, right?

We only get one life, and we must make the most of it. 

For me to do that, I have to stay away from burnout. Now, we know there are six causes of burnout and one of those causes is a lack of appreciation

Not feeling appreciated can lead to a dark place. 

It’s especially interesting for us mamas who are also workers because we do a lot. And the people that we do the most for, our kids, are the ones who are the least likely to recognize us, which can be frustrating. 

Our partners/spouses, sometimes don’t realize all that we’re doing or aren’t that great at actually recognizing us. Even at work, sometimes our bosses, our colleagues, or the people who work for us have no idea what we’re doing, or even if they do, they don’t always say thank you. 

Not feeling appreciated can lead to burnout, so let me give you a strategy for underappreciated moms, something that helps me to stay away from burnout and to feel appreciated:

Recognize and reward yourself. 

If nobody else is gonna do it, that’s okay. Pat yourself on the back. High-five yourself. Lift yourself.

We only get one life, and we need to make the most of it.

Do what it takes to appreciate what you do and who you are

Whether that is writing it down or looking in the mirror and saying, “You did an amazing job today,” “I cannot believe everything that you have done for your family today,” or “Girl, you are killing it at work!”

Celebrate the big and small wins, and appreciate yourself.

Looking in the mirror and saying these things to myself make me feel better. I also like giving myself a little treat. It’s awesome to celebrate yourself. 

So, celebrate the big and the small wins and appreciate yourself, and that can help you get a lot closer to happiness and joy.

This can help you prevent and overcome burnout and light your fire up again.

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