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The Practice of Letting Go

The Practice of Letting Go

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Do you ever feel like you’re stuck, you can’t move forward, and something’s holding you back, but you don’t know what it is? Or that you want to be a specific person and you want to be a certain way but for some reason can’t get there? That is where the practice of letting go can help. If we hold on to things, those emotions and material things that we shouldn’t, it holds us back from being the person we want to be. Remember letting go is not the same as giving up. Giving up is easy. Letting go is hard. It takes a lot of strength to grow, which is what letting go is – growth. It takes a lot of power to grow and move on and blossom and become the person you should be. And that’s all a part of the practice of letting go. I know that you have that strength, and here are a few tips to help you work through letting go.

Let Go Of Resentment

The first is to let go of resentment. Don’t hold on to or keep replaying emotions and feelings from past events in your head. Forgive and move on. Notice I didn’t say forgive and forget. Don’t forget. Prevent those things from happening to you again. Don’t set yourself up to experience them again, but forgive them and move on so that you can live in the present and live in peace. 

Accept The Present

Accept your current reality. Not what you had hoped would happen. Not what should have happened, not what could have happened, because those things didn’t. That’s not reality. If you’re hyper-focused on all the things that didn’t happen, you can’t focus on today and what is happening. If you don’t focus on today and what is happening, it’s hard to take the right actions to drive your life and create your life in the way that you want. So please, mama, focus on the reality you’re living in today, not what should have been.

Focus On What You Can Control

Shift your eyes from what you can not control to focus on what you can control. Don’t worry about the things that you can’t control. Focus on what you can control today to help you let go. If you start thinking about what could have happened and what happened in the past, remind yourself – you can’t control the past. You can’t go back and change it. What you can do is take stock of where you’re at right now and what actions you are working through, what you’re actually doing, and then you can go ahead and adjust so that you create a better future.

Take Action

Remember, when you let go, it’s about growing and about changing and becoming a better person, and no, it’s not easy, but yes, it’s worth it. And that’s part of why it’s called a practice because you have to try and do it day after day, minute after minute, hour after hour. It’s not necessarily something that will become a habit, and now you can let go forever. It’s something that we all have to work at and be intentional in. I know that if you work at it, it will help to make your life better. So mama, right now, think of something you have been holding on to that you need to let go. Pick one thing right now and begin the process of letting go. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it, and I’m here to help you out every step of the way. 

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