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Why Thoughts Become Our Reality And Why It Matters

Why Thoughts Become Our Reality And Why It Matters | The Savvy Working Mom

Our minds can be a dangerous place. This is extra scary because our minds create our reality. Crazy, right? The good news is that with practice, we can use our minds to create the reality of a life we love. Here’s the how and why:

Thoughts, Feelings, and Actions

Thoughts, feelings, and actions are linked. If you think you’re a failure, you’ll act like a failure. Your thoughts are going to lead you down a road where you will subconsciously find ways not to do well and to fail. Why? Because you’re telling yourself you’re a failure. Most thoughts become your beliefs and your beliefs get reinforced. What you believe deeply will become the lens that you see the world through. As you look around, you will see things that help you reaffirm those beliefs. 

Your Beliefs and Actions Create Your World

As your beliefs are reinforced, they impact your actions. Therefore, your thoughts become your beliefs, your beliefs get reinforced, then your beliefs drive your actions, and your actions create your world. This is why it is essential that your thoughts are positive and centered around creating a life that you want. 

The moral of the story is reframe your thoughts to be what you want them to be. Your thoughts must align with the life that you want. Don’t think you’re a failure. Reframe that thought – think that you have space to grow, space to learn. This cultivates a space for you to grow and develop. 

Remember, your beliefs create your actions, and your actions create your world.

Take Action

As I mentioned, pay attention to your thoughts and reframe them to reflect the life you want. Get started today! Write down the negative thoughts you have about yourself. Then, crumble up this piece of paper and throw it away! Life is too short for negative energy. Reframe all of those negative thoughts into positive thoughts, into thoughts about growth. Meditate on these new positive perspectives today and every day. I promise you you won’t regret it. 

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