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The Biggest Delegation Mistake Moms Make

Being a working mom is no easy feat. Juggling your responsibilities in the workplace and the demands of managing a household and raising children can often feel overwhelming. 

So let’s talk about delegation – the number one tool that will help you as a working mom.

I know it’s hard, but it’s also necessary to thrive. When I think about delegation, sometimes I get frustrated because no one’s going to do it as I do it. Sometimes I feel a loss of value like I should be the one doing things, and if I don’t, it makes me less valuable.

But I know I just have to push those thoughts aside and then delegate some stuff because otherwise, I don’t have time for the important things in my life.

The biggest way to ensure you delegate correctly is by sharing the outcome you desire upfront and being really, really about it. .

There’s one really big mistake that I see and hear when I talk to other people about delegation: not sharing the outcomes you desire.

When you delegate, you have to take the time to talk to the person you’re delegating to and say, “Here’s what success looks like.”

✔️  Here’s how the clothes should be folded. 

✔️  Here’s what the presentation should share. 

✔️  Here’s what I need to see as the outcome.

And when you can be clear about that outcome, it points the person to whom you have delegated work towards a very specific goal. 

So there’s no mismatch at the end about what they’re giving you and what it is that you have asked for. 

Share the outcome you desire.

That is the biggest way to ensure you delegate correctly. It’s sharing that outcome upfront and being clear about it.

So the person you delegate to can know what to work towards.

Take Action

Have you made this mistake before?

So, to avoid further disappointment and frustration when delegating, practice this one trick: Be clear and communicate the specific outcomes you want to achieve.

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