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One Act That Will Move Your Career Forward

Once, I bought my boss lunch as a career move.

You might be thinking, “Whitnee, why would you do that?”

Here’s the thing: every move you make at work can push your career towards the direction you want it to. 

This boss needed to create a risk plan and it was taking him forever. At that time, I had no idea how to create a risk plan, so I asked him a little bit about why it was a problem. As it turned out, he just needed more time in the day. He didn’t have enough time to sit down and go through it.

So I came up with some ways to help him get more time. That day, I took over a few administrative tasks. I sat in on a couple of meetings for him and took very diligent notes, so it was like he was in the meeting himself. I also even got him lunch. 

Take little steps each day to move forward in your career.

Yes, I went and got him lunch because he needed more time in the day. And it took 30 minutes just to go get lunch. 

What I did though, and this is the trick: each time I did one of those indirect things, whether it was taking on some administrative tasks, sitting in a meeting, or even going to get lunch, I always reminded him of why I did it. 

I’d bring the lunch back and say, “Hey, I’m happy to get that for you. How’s it going with the risk plan? Did that give you the time that you needed to make some headway? Did that give you the time that you needed so that you could further focus on developing our risk plan?” Letting your boss know how helpful and reliable you are – solving your boss’s problem is key to getting the right people to influence where your career goes.

Take Action

As I always say, if you don’t take any action, your life isn’t going to change. I want your life to change for the better, of course, so let’s talk about what you need to do next.

You need to first understand what your boss’s problems are. 

✅ Set some time to figure out what your boss’s problems are.

✅ Identify where you can directly or indirectly help solve those problems.

✅ Create a plan and get it done.

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Whether it’s wanting to get promoted or work on more things that you enjoy, you can take little steps each day to move forward in your career.

Live intentionally, take small steps, and get ahead here.

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