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How To Create Good Habits

How To Create Good Habits

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How To Create Good Habits | The Savvy Working Mom

Habits are both amazing and dangerous because they are mindless, and so, our bad habits continue, even when we don’t like them. The best way to get rid of a bad habit isn’t to stop it. It’s actually to replace it with a good habit. Here are a few tips to help you do just that.

Take a look at any of your bad habits. If you’re looking to replace or stop your bad habits, you will need to replace it with something new. Or if there’s a new habit that you want to start doing, the same steps apply.

Choose Your Habit

Choose the action that you want to do every day mindlessly that will positively add to your life. The activity that you do every day or every week without ever having to think about it. Pick what that is and pick one activity at a time.

Make it Daily and Start Simple

Find a way to think about and act on this new habit daily, even if it’s something that ultimately you only want to do weekly, to start, do it every day. And remember to start simple. Ensure that it’s not a complex hundred step plan that you’re trying to do. For example, if you want exercise to become a habit of yours, start with a small amount of time. Rather than planning a 90-minute intense workout at the gym, start with a more attainable time and location- plan for a 10-minute workout in your living room of a free online exercise. There are plenty of apps as well as videos on youtube you can find the right activity for you.

Set a Reminder

It is crucial to remind yourself to complete this new action because it is not yet a habit. It’s not a regular part of your life, and that’s okay. But to get there, you need a reminder. Set a reminder on your phone, on your computer, with a partner or friend, then utilize that reminder until the action becomes a habit.

Choose a Trigger

Triggers help you to know to start the action. And in fact, a lot of our bad habits have triggers. We just don’t know what those triggers are. A trigger is something that you do regularly that helps you to start your action. For exercise, it could be right when you wake up, you exercise. In this scenario, the trigger is waking up. Or every time you go to the bathroom, you do 10 squats. You are in control of choosing your trigger. Think of something you do regularly that you can pair with your new habit.

Get a Cheerleader

It is crucial to have someone out there who’s going to help encourage you to complete your new goal of gaining a new good habit. Find someone who is a positive force in your life. Share your new habit with them, then ask them to check in on you, support you, and encourage you on this journey to forming a new good pattern.

Set Up Your Environment For The Win

Our environments play a key role in how we act every day. With a new habit, you need a new environment. If your goal is to exercise, you can modify your environment by keeping your exercise equipment such as dumbbells out in plain sight. You can also put an inspiring image out so that it will help to remind you to work out when you see it. Changing your environment will change your behaviors. Look around you right now and think, how can I make my environment more conducive to this new habit that I want in my life?

Plan for The Pain

Plan for the pain, mama. It’s going to be painful. Starting new habits isn’t easy. Sometimes it’s a little pain, and sometimes it’s harrowing. Regardless of the pain level, there will be pain when starting a new habit, and that’s okay. Mentally prepare yourself. Tell yourself, “Hey, this isn’t going to start easy, but I’m going to get there. It’s worth the challenge. It’s worth putting in this time and effort.” Be prepared for pain so that you can easily continue pursuing making this new task a habit. The only way that your new habit is going to form is if you continue to work through the highs AND the lows.

Associate with People Who Live and Support Your Habit

Spend your time with people who are also doing this activity that you want to do. You’re going to learn from them. They’re going to learn from you, and they’re going to encourage you. They’re also going to help your subconscious to start to realize that this activity, this new habit that you want IS possible. Spend time with people who practice the habit you want, and that activity will turn into a habit for you a lot easier.

Visualize the Outcome

When you’re trying to create a new habit, make sure you visualize what it will do for your life daily. If you exercise because you want more energy or want to lose weight, imagine yourself after incorporating this habit into your life. Use the feelings that come from that visualization to help motivate and inspire you.

Accept Imperfection and Move On

You’re not perfect, and that’s okay. You don’t have to be perfect to be great, and you don’t have to be perfect to form a new habit. So except that you’re not going to be perfect. You probably won’t be as consistent as you want to be. Try putting in the effort, but know that when things don’t go well, it’s okay. Then brush it off and keep going.

Take Action

I encourage you to start today. Write down a few habits you have wanted to stop and habits you have wanted to incorporate into your life. Once you have your list, narrow your list down to the habit that would be easiest to obtain. Start with this habit, move through all of the steps, and then continue to take on harder habits. If you start small, you will build confidence to obtain harder habits.

The last bonus tip I will give you is pat yourself on the back as you work through these challenges that come with creating your new habit. Pat yourself on the back because it’s amazing that you’re taking action towards living a life that you love.

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