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How to Know if You Set the Wrong Goal

Your goals are there to motivate you to move and give you direction. We talk about goal setting a lot, but we’ve never talked about whether we’re making the wrong goals.

Is there even such a thing as a bad goal?

A bad goal is one that includes the word “should”.

A bad goal is a goal that has the word SHOULD.

If your goal looks like…

“I should lose weight.”

“I should go for that promotion.”

“I should work out 5 times a week.”

I should.

The use of “should” in a goal is a recipe for disaster. IT IS A RECIPE FOR FAILURE.

“Should” in a goal is a recipe for disaster. It is a recipe for failure. 

If your goal is a real goal, if it’s something that you really WANT, it’s not gonna feel like a deadline or a responsibility.

Should is outside pressure, driving you to do things, and that’s never the right motivation for a goal. 

Don’t “should” on yourself. Remove that from your self-talk because it can drain and weigh you down.

Set goals that you want and crave, not ones that you think the world wants you to. That’s how to set yourself up for success and how you can commit better to creating the life you want.

Will you return to your goals and check if they have the word SHOULD in them?

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