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Classic Old Fashioned With A Twist

Classic Old Fashioned With A Twist using Angostora orange bitters.

A classic old fashioned is straight forward without being blunt. Sometimes mama needs a drink and if like me, you enjoy your drinks boozy or are always looking for an easy to make cocktail that will spice up your home cocktail hour this cocktail recipe is for you. Try a classic old fashioned with a twist.

2 oz bourbon or rye

2 dashes orange angostura bitters

1 sugar cube

Orange peel


Put the sugar cube in the glass you’ll use. Shake the angostura orange bitters on top.  Muddle (mashup) the sugar cube. Add the bourbon/rye. Stir. Add a large ice cube. Stir one more time. Garnish with an orange peel.

Sometimes, mama needs a drink and I’m a whiskey girl. A bourbon girl to be specific and boy do I love a stiff drink. I sometimes think a classic old fashioned might be the perfect drink due to its simplicity, forwardness and balanced sweetness I . To be sure, a classic old fashioned calls for regular angostura bitters. Using the Angostura orange bitters puts a simple but delicious twist on the classic old fashioned. Hot or cold, indoors or out, this drink satisfies. After a long day, if you want something stronger than a glass of wine, this is a stiff drink that is still refined and easy to make. It is a go to cocktail.

Pour, sip, enjoy!

P.S. If you like booze forward cocktails and want to level up your margarita game try a mezcalarita. Click here for the recipe.

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