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5 Tips to Improve Your Evening Routine

Set Your Morning Up for Success At Night

Set your morning up the night before. Use these simple tip to have a great day.

Morning hours are the most precious and likely the only time you have to yourself. The better morning you have, the better the rest of your day will be.  Here are 5 actions you can take to set your morning up for success at night.


  1. Auto program your coffee.  If you are a “no coffee no talkee person”, this is imperative. If you have an programmable coffee pot, start program, if invest in one or at the very least put the coffee grinds and water into your machine before you got o bed. There is nothing more joyous than waking to a freshly brewed pot of coffee.
  2. Get your outfit ready. Pick out and prepare your clothes before you go to bed. If you can’t pick just one outfit then pick two! This will reduce the morning “what the heck am I going to wear” stress.
  3. Set a serene space to visualize.  Clear your desk or kitchen table and leave out a candle and open journal before you go to bed.  You’ll be more likely to take the time to complete a morning gratitude exercise if the space is waiting.  
  4. Clear the Brain Clutter. Write down all of the things you thinking about doing tomorrow: laundry, meetings, packing lunch, sending that podcast to a friend and paying the daycare bill. Write it all down. It will help you to sleep more peacefully
  5. Just before you lay your head to rest, take 10 deep breathes and think of something that went well today. Be grateful for that thing. Be it small or large, you found a scarf you thought you lost or you nailed it as a mom in a tough situation, focus on it and feel the gratitude.

Doing these 5 simple things before you got to bed will help you to make the most of each morning. Do you have tips for setting your morning up for success at night? Please comment below?

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