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Clarity Takes Courage

We have to be courageous so that we can be clear on what it is we want for ourselves. 

As women, we are brought up to think about perfection in a certain way. 

From the time we’re toddlers toward elementary school, middle school, and high school, the idea of what we should be is put on us. 

And that idea has little to do with what we actually want. 

When was the last time that someone asked you what you want?

As you’re growing up, when someone asks you what you really want, what tends to happen is they shape that into what they think it should be – what they think perfection for us should look like. 

How can you figure out what you really want?

To break through that and to unlearn expectations take courage. 

It takes courage to be clear with yourself on what your actual needs are. 

But without that courage, without that clarity, you can’t create the life that you love. Because you’re always going to be ebbing and flowing and adjusting to what you think other people want for you, what your mom, your friend, your partner your kids want for you. 

Clarity takes courage

While they might be coming with the best intentions, they’re not YOU.

They can’t know exactly what you want. 

So I just want you to know, and to recognize that it takes a lot of courage to get clear on what you want. You have to be clear on what you want to thrive in life to live your best life. 

Without clarity, you can’t create the life that you love.

Take Action

And so now I’m going to challenge you to take action.

Take 15 minutes, block the time on your calendar and write down what you want for yourself, for your career, for your finances, for your life with your kids, for your partnership for the fun, right in your life. 

Write down what it is that you want in those areas of your life, not what you think you should have, not what your mom wants for you, not what your friend wants for you, but what you want for yourself that will help you to thrive and have so much more joy in life. 

I always say this, but I need you to remember it: When you have joy in life, everyone around you gets happier too. Our family gets better, your community improves and your place of work is more profitable.

So take time and find joy and purpose for yourself.

P.S. If you want to talk more about how you can get clarity and find joy in working motherhood, check out my VIP days where we can spend a half or a whole day together going through how you can thrive both in and out of the office. Take action towards thriving here.  

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