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Morning Routine List and Ideas

Morning Routine List and Ideas | Rose Gold Mama

Just like moms set the tone for the family,  the morning often sets the tone for the day. So it’s extra important that you take time and effort to ensure you have the best morning possible. A morning routine list can help ensure you don’t miss any steps in setting up your day. Read on for morning routine ideas and download the morning routine checklist at the end of this article to help start your days even better.


Hydration should be at the top of your morning routine list. Make sure that you’re drinking water every morning. Coffee isn’t enough. Yes, coffee but first water. Have a glass. If you want to have a glass of warm lemon water, a glass of cold ice water or just a glass of tap water it doesn’t. What  matters is that you hydrate with at least 8 to 12 ounces of water. 


After lying in bed for so long it’s important to stretch your body. Just like your minds needs some time to wake up,  your body also needs time to wake up. Stretching can be your body’s coffee. When you stretch you get all you get your blood flowing, promote energy and will stave off aches and pains. Just  5 to 7 minutes will do you a world of good. 

If you are into yoga, do a few sun salutations, if not break out those old stretches gym class stretches.  Maybe you’re struggling for ideas on how to stretch. That’s OK, you can always search YouTube stretching routines.

Visualize Your Day

Each morning you should take some time to think through how your day is going to go. First, think about the most important things that you want to achieve that day. Then think about how you get those done. Imagine all the great things that are going to happen that day.

If you know there are some challenges coming up that is OK. Think about how you will work through those challenges. For example, if you know you’re going to have a difficult conversation visualize the conversation turning out well and think about the things that you can do to help it go well. Make sure that as you visualize your day you put a positive spin on everything. This will help to set you up to actually approach each situation from a positive perspective. And know,  most people are not worth the time and energy it takes to be mad angry frustrated and them. 

Make a To Do List

Add a to-do list to your morning routine list. Physically write down what it is that you want to accomplish that day. Put the most important thing at the top of the list and then fill everything else in. If you want to method for creating a to do list that doesn’t leave you feeling disappointed then you can read this article here. If you already have a to-do list that’s working for you awesome make sure that you complete it every morning before you get started on your tasks. This will help you to ensure that you’re working on the right things and being productive and efficient with your time.

Write A Gratitude Statement and Say It Out Loud 

Write down one thing that you’re grateful for and then say that aloud. You can be grateful for the same thing every day such as your healthy family or your healthy body. Those are awesome things to be grateful for and you should be grateful for them each and every day. You can mix it up as well. Just make sure that each morning you start the day off with a bit of gratitude. You can write down who you’re grateful for, experiences you have that you’re grateful for  or opportunities that are coming you’re grateful for. It doesn’t really matter just pick one write it down and say it out loud.

Take Action 

Now that you have 5 morning routine ideas and the printable morning routine checklist (print it below), it’s time for some action. Take a moment to visualize yourself, going through this list tomorrow. If you have more ideas on how the best way to kick off your day, add those to the list.  

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