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How to Banish Limiting Beliefs That Stop You From Taking Care of Yourself

Have you found yourself choosing work over self-care for the hundredth time this week?

When you have extra time for yourself, do you end up catching up on work and chores.

This happens to me all the time. I look around and think that I’m really tired. I really need to do something just for me, for my soul. But the kids are sick and work is too intense and laundry is lying around everywhere. 

What I’ve realized though is that those things I just said, they’re not reasons for me not to take care of myself. 

They’re limiting beliefs. They’re limiting me from doing the thing I need to do most, which is to care for myself. Because I know when I care for myself, I’m better for everyone else. 

So here’s how I got over these limiting beliefs about self-worth.

Limiting beliefs limit us from doing the thing we need to do most, which is caring for ourselves.

Instead of saying “so,” I say, “and.” 

Instead of saying “The kids are sick, so I can’t take care of myself,”  I say, “The kids are sick, AND here’s how I can take care of myself.”

 Instead of it being “Work is too intense, so I can’t do anything nice for myself right now,” I say, “Work is too intense, and here’s how I’m going to do something for myself.”

Just rephrasing in that way empowers me to make sure that I make space for myself. Overcoming these limiting beliefs nurtures your self-worth.

Rephrasing limiting beliefs empowers us to be able to make sure that we make space for ourselves.

Take Action

I want to challenge you to do this the next time you find yourself saying this is happening, so I can’t. Replace that “so” with “and. This is happening, and here’s how I can do what I need.

This is how to get rid of limiting beliefs that stop us from taking care of ourselves.

When you make time for self-care, you can be your best. When you’re your best, your family’s happier, your place of work is more profitable and your communities are better. 

Take some action right now and think about the limiting beliefs that are stopping you from doing what you need to do for yourself and replace that “so” with “and.”

P.S. This is just one mindset shift that helped me THRIVE as a working mom. If thriving is something you’d like to focus on this year and you’d like a day dedicated to creating a game plan just for you, book a consultation for my Career VIP Day here.

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