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Goal Setting

From Being Stuck and Stressed Out to Advancing and Flourishing

Do you feel like you need to be Wonder Woman all the time?
If you feel like you are doing it all and doing it almost perfectly most of the time, but you also feel like your career just isn’t where it should be… 
If you ever skipped on an opportunity because you were worried that if you don’t show up and do it extremely well, it would tarnish your reputation…
If you struggle with having not enough joy in your life, we need to talk about this.

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Goal Setting

Manifest Joy: Visualization for Working Moms

Do you feel like you’re not as happy as you can be?

We get caught in the whirlwind of the working mom’s daily juggle and push aside our own happiness, and before we know it, we look around and realize that we don’t have enough joy in our lives.

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