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3 Ways To Stop Judgment In Its Tracks

3 Ways To Stop Judgment In Its Tracks | The Savvy Working Mom

We all judge, it’s natural and over time has helped to keep us safe as a human race, but here’s the thing: judging also holds us back. It stops us from trying new things, sets up barriers between people, and creates friction and drama where we don’t need it. I could go on and on. Let’s agree that premature judgment, be it self-judgment or judging others, is harmful. Here are three ways to stop judgment in its tracks:

Name It

This is going to be the hardest one – recognition and naming it. When you catch yourself judging others, you have to recognize it, and you have to name it. Say to yourself, “Oh, that’s me judging someone before I know what’s going on within the situation before I know the details – I’m passing judgment for no reason” or “that’s me judging myself and thinking negatively about myself again.” Naming judgment is the hardest part, but naming it is the most important part.

Challenge Yourself to the Facts

Once you’ve named it, you need to challenge the facts. Why are you thinking like this? Go ahead and challenge what your belief is and figure out why you are judgmental towards others or yourself. Laying out the facts will help to bring clarity to the situation.

Play Devil’s Advocate

The last thing that you can do to help decrease judgment is to play devil’s advocate. Whatever it is that you’re finding negative, that you are judging, put yourself on the other side, and make a case for it. Play lawyer. Make a case for why that thing is positive. Why that thing is good. It will help you to see from a different perspective. Playing Devil’s advocate will not change your feelings instantly, but at that point, you know you’ve done everything to understand the entire situation. It could help open your mind, break down barriers, and reduce the drama that can be easily associated with judgment.

Take Action

I encourage you to start today. Let’s not put off what we can control. Begin to stop judgment in it’s tracks by recognizing when your mind begins to judge and then, name it. Believe me, it’s with these intentional daily actions you will begin to see progress, you will begin to judge less and less.

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