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7 Steps To Becoming Your Best Self

7 Steps To Becoming Your Best Self | The Savvy Working Mom

We set goals to improve our lives and to make things better. Around the New Year we always say – new year, new you – which is not my favorite saying. I prefer –  live your best life, be your best self. – Because you don’t want to change who you are, right? You’re amazing and wonderful as you are. You just want to improve it, but how do you do that? That is what seems to cause folks a lot of issues, trying to figure out the best way to be their best self. So below, I have seven steps to help you do that. 

Define What Your Best Self Looks Like

Who is she? Who is your best self? When does she wake up? How does she treat others? How does she treat herself? What activities is she involved in? How does she interact with her family? What does it feel like to be around her? How does she show up at work? How does she show up in a room? Think of those things and then define them. Write out what your best self looks like because if you don’t define it, you’re always going to be chasing a dream that you can never obtain. 

Go After Your Best Self and Stay the Course

Once you’ve defined what your best self looks like, go after it, and stay the course. Keep trying. It is not going to be easy, right? You’re going to face some challenges as you evolve. That’s okay because you know there’s beauty in the trial, and there’s beauty in the journey. But things take time, and they can be challenging, especially when the reward on the other side is fantastic, and being your best self is amazing. 

Practice, Practice, Practice

It is not easy becoming your best self. And like most things, it takes practice. You’re evolving, you’re leveling up, and the more that you try, the better you will get. It’s that simple. So practice, practice, practice, and remember do not give up

Monitor Your Progress

Monitor your progress so as you evolve and become your best self you know what this looks like, write it down and track it. Track how you are becoming your best self. What are the actions that you’re doing? How do you know that you’re getting better? Tracking is essential.

Try New Things

As we get older, we have fewer opportunities to try new things. When you’re young, everything is new. Then when you go to college you are exposed to so many new things. As you get older, especially once we get into our thirties and forties, there aren’t a lot of opportunities to try new things. Opportunities don’t present themselves. You have to find them. You have to make those opportunities, and it’s imperative that you do because those opportunities are what will help you figure out what works for you.

Figure out who your best self truly is. Because you evolve over the years, so those things that you used to like to do, you might not find as much to joy in them now. When I look at my young son, he finds a ton of pleasure crawling through boxes. He loves boxes. I asked my mom about it when I was a kid. I loved boxes. Kids love boxes. You grow out of that, right? The same thing applies to what you enjoyed in your twenties and what you enjoyed in your thirties. They’re not necessarily going to match up. So try new things to figure out what it is that you love and what will help you to be your best self. 

Don’t Do It Alone

Don’t do this alone. There is no reason for you to go on this journey of evolution by yourself. Involve folks. Let people know you’re trying to be your best self and tell them what she looks like. For example, if it’s about how you want people to feel when they’re around you, tell people, “I want people to feel at peace when they’re around me.” or “I want people to feel happy when they’re around me.” Let people know that and then ask them how they feel when they’re around you. That will help to guide you on this journey to be your best self. 

Take Time To Get Help

Find a coach, professional, or someone who can help to encourage you and support you to follow these steps. It’s very easy with everything going on in your life between the kids, your partner, work, and keeping the house together, to put yourself on the back burner. It’s a personal journey trying to become your best self so that you can serve others more. A coach will help you to stay on track, and the best part about that is when you are becoming your best self, the better that you are at being you, the better you’re able to serve others. The better example you provide to your kids, the more you’re going to excel in your career, the stronger your marriage is going to get. Everything gets better when you take care of yourself. Get someone to help you do it. It’s worth the investment.

Take Action

Mama, you can get started today. I encourage you to take the time to define what your best self looks like. Grab your journal and start answering the questions mentioned above. You deserve to start living a life that you love so help yourself get there by taking action today.

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