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Top Interview Questions to Ask

Success! You’ve scored that interview and now it’s time to prepare. Did you know that asking the right interview questions can help you stand out. The questions in the article and free printable worksheet  helped me to land a job I love.

Success! You’ve scored that interview and now it’s time to prepare. You know you need to research the company as well as the hiring manager and that you should prepare to answer interview questions. Did you know that you should also prepare to ask interview questions? That’s right, you also need to prepare for your interview by figuring out what to ask.  Read on for the top interview questions to ask an employer. Download the FREE printable “Interview Questions to Ask” worksheet below to help you keep track of your interviews and the responses.

Why You Need To Ask Questions

As much as you are being interviewed for a potential new job you are also interviewing the potential employer. You want to understand if you’ll actually enjoy working at that company and for that manager/team. As a working mom it’s important that you enjoy where you work and that the culture of the organization is aligned with your needs and values.

Asking questions about the new role, the company and the people you’ll work with will help you understand if this is a place where you will thrive or if you will just be getting by. Asking GREAT questions will also help you stand out among other candidates. Following are suggested questions to ask and the reasons why. Use these reasons to help you think of any additional questions you’d like to ask. You can then download the FREE printable “Interview Questions to Ask” worksheet (below). This work sheet already has suggested interview questions included and add your own specific interview questions.

Top Interview Questions To Ask An Employer To Stand Out

What does success look like for you and how can this role help? 

Every boss wants a high performing team that makes their life easier and every boss is human. Asking this questions, show you care about the struggles of your boss and indicates that in hiring you some of their struggles may be relieved.

What keeps you up at night?

This will give you insight into the company’s dysfunction. All companies have some level of dysfunction. This will help you understand if it’s dysfunction you can handle or something you should be wary of. And again, it helps the hiring manger and any team member you ask this to know you are thinking about their interests and not just your won.

Top Interview Questions to Ask the Employer to Know If You Should Work There

What characteristics would make someone successful in this role?

Asking this questions helps you to understand what the KEY areas of focus for the role will be. You can use the response to this question to know understand if what will make someone successful in the role is actually work you enjoy doing or if it work you will despise. If it’s going to take something that doesn’t fit with who you are to be successful then this probably isn’t the job for you.  

Best Interview Question to Ask An Employer 2019 

What are the biggest areas of focus of for the company for 2019 and how does this role (or group) fit in?

This will help you to know how the organization views the work of the department you’ll be joining.

Now, after having researched the company, prepared answers to questions you might be asked AND coming up with a list of questions you want to ask you are fully prepared for your upcoming interview. You got this!

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