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How‌ ‌Delegation‌ ‌Helps‌ ‌Others‌

When you delegate, you help others thrive too.


There are so many things we want in life. We want our children to thrive. We want to advance our careers. We want to enjoy our work and be fulfilled by it. We also want to get a manicure once in a while, and maybe go camping or maybe go to the spa. 

We want a lot of things and sometimes we get stuck. That’s what happens to me. Sometimes I feel stuck like a hamster on a wheel, just going through the motions. 

The secret to getting unstuck is delegation. 

You have to delegate, you can get unstuck and do all those things that you want to do, but it can be hard.

It’s been hard for me too. I have really had to hone my skill of delegation so that I can do it more often and do it effectively, so it actually benefits me and the person that I’m delegating to. 

Sometimes I feel stuck like a hamster on a wheel, just going through the motions.

Delegation is a skill.

It can be challenging, but it’s a skill you can develop and get better at every single day. The better that you get at it, the more you’re going to thrive in life. 

One of the things that hold us back as women from delegating, we feel like when we delegate, we’re actually creating a problem for someone else, like we’re passing the buck and we’re not being our best selves.

Bust those delegation myths, because it can be the opposite.

Delegation helps others too.

Delegation gives people an opportunity to learn a new skill, to build confidence, to get exposure – these three benefit your team at work best.

Also, delegation helps you to be your best. When you’re at your best, the world gets better around you. When you show up as your best self at work, your job gets better. Your coworkers, your colleagues, your team, all do better. 

When you show up as your best self at home, your relationship with your kids is deeper, with your partner is deeper. You’re less stressed. They’re less stressed when you’re your best self, everything gets better.

Take Action

So when it comes to delegating, if you start to think, “Oh, I don’t really feel great about doing this,” I want you to pause and remember that the other person gets something out of it too. 

When you share with someone that you need their help or that you want to delegate this task to them, remember to remind them about what they’re going to get out of it. That will create a much more mutually beneficial conversation and even more positive vibes around what you’re doing. 

The more we delegate, the more we can focus on adding value. When we can make the most impact, the world gets better.

You can shine in all 9 areas of life, clear your plates, and finally go after what you want. Get UNSTUCK here.