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How to get ready for an interview (the right mindset)

Learn how to get ready for an interview with common and uncommon interview preparation tips. You can also download the free interview checklist.

Score you got the interview. That’s so amazing you deserve it. Now, you are wondering how to get ready for the interview. You might be nervous and worried about being your best and putting your best foot forward. You probably are consumed with ensuring they think you are the women for the job. Those are all great feelings to have. You can use those to help you prepare.  Remember though, it’s not just about what they think, an interview is just as much about what you think about the company and team you’ll be working with. You should think they are the best. Getting the right interview mindset has a lot to do with recognizing that you are bringing so much value to their table. Read on for how to do this and download the free interview checklist below to ensure you do everything you need to prepare.

Common Interview Preparation Tips

So, you have some nervous energy. Great, use it to prepare. All of those cliché and common interview tips are cliché for a reason. They are how to get ready for an interview. You need to be prepared.

Interview Checklist

  • Research the company.  If they are public, read their last earnings report, if they are private google the mess out of their history. If they are public, ALSO google the mess out their history.
  • Look your interviewers up on linked in and social media. Know who they are, what their job entails and what they like to do for fun. Don’t make it creepy, just look for common bonds you might share with them.
  • Practice responding to interview questions out loud. If you can, give a friend a set of interview questions and have the pretend to interview you.
  • Review your resume and be ready to talk about your greatest job accomplishments
  • Re-read the job description and be sure to map back your past experience to what they are looking for so you can provide concrete examples of you you’ve already succeed in the areas they need help with.

Uncommon Interview Preparation Tips

Now, that you are well researched, shift to focusing on developing the right interview mindset. The right interview mindset means walking into the door knowing that the job you are applying for represents a two way relationship. You are providing time and a valuable skill set to the organization, in return they are providing you a paycheck and benefits. Both sides are providing value, it’s a two sided relationship. And, if they are calling you in, they want you to have the job. Hiring managers don’t have time to waste interviewing people they don’t think will be a good fit. You can enter the room with confidence. Couple that with knowing money can’t buy love or happiness and you don’t want to be unhappy.  Make sure you prepare to ask them questions and scope the place out a bit. This is also how to get ready for an interview.

Uncommon Interview Checklist

  • Look at sites like to see what people at all levels are saying about the company
  • Put together a series of questions that will help you understand if this is the kind of place you want to work.
  • Put together a playlist that will pump you up, listen to it on the way in
  • Be sure to ask what the your new bosses’ biggest headache is, use that insight to understand what some of the company issues might be
  • Look on LinkedIn and reach out to people who have previously worked there. As them what they liked about the place, what they didn’t and why the left.
  • If you work with any recruiters reach out to them to see if they have any insight on the role or the people who you’ll work with

Now you know how to get ready for an interview

Now, that you’ve done your research and have the right interview mindset it time to knock their socks off. To be sure, sometimes jobs are a means to an end but even then there are lesser evils. You are bringing value to the company, a place where you will spend a significant portion of your waking hours, make sure you consider your needs while interviewing. Download the interview checklist below and if you any questions comment below or reach out to me directly: [email protected]

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