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The Real Reasons Moms Should Wake Up Early

The Real Reasons Moms Should Wake Up Early | Rose Gold Mama

Waking up early is the pits. It’s better to wake up early but it’s not fun. Everyone says you should do it but often times it is not clear why. Having a strong reason why will make it easier to to get those covers off and get out of bed ahead of the kids. When you do this you’ll feel better, be more productive and have a much better day overall.  Following are five reasons to wake up early and a few tips on how to actually make it happen

Your 5 Reasons to Wake Up Early 

Built In Me Time 

Let’s face it, me- time is hard to come by. Whether  you need some time to just sit in silence and be with your own thoughts, paint your nails or read a book it can feel impossible to find a moment to yourself between work, kids and all your other obligations. When you wake up early you have guaranteed time to do what you want on your own schedule. There’s something magical about the morning hours when no one else in the house is up and it’s just you doing you. 

Morning Sets The Mood For The Day 

How you start your morning has a profound impact on how the rest of your day goes. When you wake up early you’re more likely to control how your morning starts and therefore how the rest of your day goes. Make time to get up early and you’re more likely to ensure that you have smooth sailing for the rest of the day.

Reduced Rush = Reduced Stress

Getting up early sucks but what sucks more is feeling rushed and chaotic everyday. That creates stress and makes life a lot less enjoyable. The earlier you wake up the less you need to rush. While you may think that sleeping that extra half hour is what you need, it’s highly likely that the stress reduced by getting up 30 minutes early will benefit you more. 

Feel Accomplished 

When you wake up early by definition you get more done then if you had slept in. If you are able to get up early and put in some me-time, workout, knock out a few emails or even fold some clothes, you’ll walk out the door on your way to work already ready feeling accomplished. There’s nothing better than starting the day already feeling accomplished. It puts you in a positive mood and paves the way for even more accomplishments. 

Time To Plan = More Effortless Day 

Waking up early gives you the time to plan your day.  When you have a plan set for the day you can get more done with less stress.  You’ll be better set up to knock out your to-do list and ensure that you have space and time to get to the most important tasks of the day. 

How To Do It 

Now that you have a few very strong reasons for why it makes sense to wake up early, let’s take some time to think about how you can actually do it.

Set An Alarm That’s Not Your Phone 

Using your phone for an alarm is a trap. It’s way too tempting to do more than just hit snooze. When you use your phone it’s much more likely you’ll be distracted by social media and email before you even start your day. Break out an old-fashioned alarm clock and you won’t be sorry. 

Don’t Snooze 

Do not snooze.Set your alarm for a time that you’ll actually wake up and get out of bed at that time. If you’re one of those people who fool themselves saying they’re going to wake up every day at 5:45 AM but keep hitting snooze until 7:00 AM just set your alarm for 7:00 AM and then get up at 7:00AM. You’ll do much better by getting that deep sleep between 5:45AM and 7:00AM than if you continue  to hit snooze, pretending you’re going to be waking up. Be real and honest about the time you’ll wake up and then do it. 

Reward Yourself 

Waking up early is hard. Every challenge deserves a reward. Think of some ways to reward yourself for waking up early. It could be a special creamer in your coffee or 10 minutes to read your favorite book/magazine. Choose whatever it is that gets you going and will help motivate you. You should pat yourself on the back for waking up early.

Prep As Much As You Can The Night Before 

To make it easier to wake up and maximize those precious morning hours prepare as much as you can the night before. Set the coffee machine. Layout your clothes and the kids clothes. Pack the lunches before you go to bed. That way when the alarm goes off you’ll be ready to go and do the things that matter most during those very dear morning hours.

Take Action

Now, that you have solid reasons why you should wake up early, it’s time to take action. Which of the reasons resonated for you? Get excited about that and the benefits. Next, look at the tips and ideas. Which will help you? Make a plan right now. Morning hours are precious and it’s important that you spend them wisely. The more you can get done before you leave the house, the better you’ll feel. .

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