The Impact of Spending Money on Joy and Stress

The Impact of Spending Money on Joy and Stress

I don’t normally talk a lot about how to spend money wisely, but this is more about joy and how spending can impact our joy. 

I know that when you’re more joyful, your families are happier, your places of work are more profitable, and your communities improve. The world gets better when you are thriving, so I want to talk about money and its impact on our joy.

We’re in the middle of the holiday season when we tend to spend a little bit more than we normally do. Bonus season is right around the corner for a lot of us. We’ll be getting a little bit more money than we normally have, and we all know the importance of spending money wisely.

How we’re thinking about this money plays a big role in how joyful we are. Money is a tool that can help or hurt us. Trust me, coming from a girl who grew up on welfare, while money can’t buy happiness, it really can help. How you choose to use it can create more joy in your life. 

I want to talk about the spending of your discretionary income. You can spend it on a new dress, new shoes or a bag and that will give you short-term joy.

There are some things that I can spend my money on, though, that have a prolonged effect on my joy. These are the three areas you won’t regret spending your money on.

Money is a tool, and that tool can help or hurt us.


When you can spend your money on an experience, it creates a lasting memory. Take a photo and every time you look back at it, you’re going to relive amazing feelings. Whether they’re experiences that you have by yourself or that you share with someone else will last in perpetuity. 

So spend your money on experiences, and you’re going to have more joy. 

Things that save me time

When I can spend my income on things that save me time, I am a lot more joyful. There is more space in my life for joy. Those time-saving things could be anything from having someone clean your house, especially during the holiday season. Outsourcing the laundry is another big one.

They don’t even have to be that big. It can also be buying the pre-chopped onions. I know that sounds silly. I can just chop them myself. Sure, but it takes me time to chop it. So anything that I can do to save time always brings me more joy. 

I also willingly spend more on delivery fees if that means I save myself time and effort of going out.


Whenever I spend money on my health, it brings me more lasting joy. 

Investing in a Peloton, getting a massage, upgrading my multivitamins – spending money on my health always brings me more joy in the long term. 

Those are the three areas that, for me, help me to find joy when I’m spending. I think about these too when I’m gifting. Can I give them experiences? Can I help them save time? Can I give health to people? Giving these to my friends and family also brings me more joy because I know it’s gonna give them more joy in the long term.

There is more joy when you spend than just buying a thing.

Take Action

If any of those resonate with you, I want you to think about how you’re going to start spending your discretionary income a little bit differently, how you might prioritize spending it on things that save you time, on things that improve your health, or on experiences.

If you want more tips on creating more joy in your life and if you’re ready to take a step to thriving as a working mom, book a consultation call for my Career Ownership VIP Day here.

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