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How to Honor Your Power and Become Your Authentic Self

How to Honor Your Power and Become Your Authentic Self | The Savvy Working Mom

As a busy mama, how unique and powerful you truly are can get lost in the humdrum bustle of daily life. When you lose sight of how wonderful you truly are, your light can dim, and your ability to love your life can suffer. Here are a few ideas to help you shine bright:

Love Who You Are

You are a beautiful, fantastic human being. Just take a look at what you’re doing for the world. You’re contributing to our economy by holding down a job, you are excelling at that job, and you’re raising the next generation. That is so commendable. It is amazing. You are amazing. You need to recognize this and love your self.  

Support and Protect Yourself Like You Would Your Kids

The way that you advocate for your kids, the way that you look out for them is the same way you need to look out for yourself. You cannot pour from an empty glass. And if your light dims, who is going to shine the path for your kids? So, mama, put yourself first. Putting yourself first will help you to own your power and figure out who your authentic self is, which will lead you to know how to support her in the way that she needs to be supported. 

Listen to Your Body

When you’re tired, when you’re hungry, when you’re achy, when you are all crunched up or needing to move, listen to your body and act on it. We only get one body. It is a fantastic body, and we need to listen to it. We need to honor what our body tells us. 

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say

That old adage is real. When you do this, not only will you be living in authenticity, you’re going to attract healthier relationships into your life. You’re going to garner more respect. You’re going to find yourself moving ahead in all areas of your life. It is easier said than done, but it is well worth the effort saying what you mean and meaning what you say. 

Accept the Love and Support of Others

You deserve to be supported, and you deserve to be loved – accept it. People want to help you. Let them. Receiving the love and support of others will help you to walk more truly in yourself, and it will also help you to own your power. So please, mama, accept the love and support that others are wanting to give to you. 

Sit In Silence

Take some time to sit in silence with yourself, with your thoughts; try to silence everything else out. It can be 60 seconds. It can be five minutes. If you can carve out a whole 10 minutes to sit in silence, that would be great. If you practice meditation, that is great. Meditate. Sitting in silence with yourself for a moment will help you calm your mind and reconnect to who you are. You can’t be your authentic self if you’re not connected to who you are. 

Take Action

What has been the challenge for you this year, mama, with accepting support from others? And what are the small steps you can take to allow others to assist you in this journey of life? Go ahead and write these down in order to recognize some opportunity areas so that you can begin to take action toward living a life that you love.

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